Fix Outlook Error The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable

Microsoft Outlook is popular among users due to its simple user interface and better arrangement of different folders for a single mailbox. A single account shows various folders to manage the emails smartly like received emails are in the inbox, sent emails are in sent items, and unsent emails are in the outbox. When some emails from these folders are deleted, then they are not removed completely from the account. The data is moved to deleted items folder.

Normally, the Deleted Items folder remains available in the mailbox and the user cannot move or delete it. But, sometimes, the ‘Deleted Items’ folder is not present in the mailbox and when the user opens the account, then a new error is shown.
The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable

When the Deleted Items folder is not present in the mailbox, then it will not work until you remove the error by finding its correct cause and recover the complete folder.

Cause of the error

  1. The error occurs when the user has connected IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol) account with Outlook. When there are improper settings committed by the user, then any folder can be deleted.
  2. When the user deleted items that had malware in them, then the malware may have hidden the Deleted Items.
  3. MS Outlook faced an abrupt shutdown when the user has deleted an item.
  4. The PST file may be facing corruption due to bad settings, malware or spyware attack, or logical/physical error.

Remove the error – “The Deleted Items folder is unavailable.”

There are two manual methods to recreate the deleted items folder back in the mailbox folder hierarchy. The first is to subscribe it back in the IMAP setting and the next one is creating it from a scratch.

Subscribe to the Deleted Items folder

The IMAP folders present in the mailbox can be subscribed/unsubscribed. If it has been unsubscribed, then it will not appear in the list. So, you should subscribe back.

  1. Open Outlook, go to the IMAP account, and right-click to it. Choose IMAP folders.
    Open Outlook, go to the IMAP account
  2. In the textbox for ‘Display folders whose names contain’, type Deleted or complete word Deleted Folder. Then, click Query. It will display the folder that you should choose and click Subscribe button.
    Display folders whose names contain
Create the folder manually

If Deleted Items folder is not present in the mailbox list that you can subscribe, so you should create it manually and add it to the mailbox.

  1. Choose the IMAP account and right-click to it. Choose, New Folder.
    Choose the IMAP account and right-click to it
  2. In the text box, type the name into the new folder. Then, click Enter.
    Type the name into the new folder
  3. A new folder is added to the mailbox list.
    New folder is added to the mailbox list
Recover from the corrupt data file

There is a major chance that you are not watching a folder from the mailbox due to some corruption or deletion. If the PST file is corrupt, then you may not recover the content present in the folders. So, you should first use ESEUTIL software to recover corrupt data and reuse it. Sometimes, the ESEUTIL tool deletes the corrupt part and leaves only the unaffected data. Therefore, ESEUTIL does not guarantee and thorough recovery.

You should use a professional PST Repair software that can scan the file and recover corrupt or deleted parts.

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The Deleted Items folder is created in Outlook to protect that data that you have deleted unwantedly or accidentally. If you are not finding an item in older folders, then you should check Deleted Items folder.

The importance of Deleted Items folder increases for such business where the volume of information is substantial and more than one users access the same mailbox. If the corruption has deleted the Deleted Items folder, then a professional tool can help you in regaining lost data.

You should use such software that shows the recovered item in a preview mode where you can check the recovered content. Also, the software should allow you to save selected items in a new PST file so that you can use them freshly.


  1. I faced such an error in MS Outlook. When I open the mailbox, it shows  deleted items folder is unavailable. I wanted to fix this error. This blogging method is extremely beneficial to me . I followed this method step by step, which helped me fix this error. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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