Simple Steps to Back Up Personal Address Book

Outlook offers a lot to users; many facilities, features, and user-oriented technicalities. The same applies to the Address Book that gets default created

while installing MS Outlook. But, it doesn’t store Address Book as a separate entity; it facilitates only viewing. 

A personal address book is being used by MS Outlook to offer a handy interface and handling that may contain information not available in the address book. Though it creates a distinct file (.pab file) in the hard disk drive of your system, it is wise to check for the backup of the address book. Here, in this write-up, we will explore all the vertices of the personal address book and its backup, stuck with the blog till the end to get a complete gist.

Crosscheck for the .pab file attached to your profile:

Here, we will learn how to find the .pab file attached to the user’s Outlook profile; below are the steps for the same.

  • After launching Outlook, make click on the Email accounts.
  • Follow, Directory>> View or change existing directories or address books>> Next.
  • In the path box, you will find the .pab file; note it down. This path will help you to find the .pab file.
  • Finally, make click on OK and then on Finish.

If you want to copy the .pab file to another system, follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the MS Windows Explorer (before launching, ensure no other email program is open).
  • Using the .pab file path, locate the .pab file used by your email profile.
  • Here, copy the .pab file to a portable device, connect it to another system where you want the .pab file, and paste it.

Steps to backup Outlook contact folder:

If you have stored all your contacts in the contact folder, then you have a choice to create separate PST file to keep them.

  • At first, with Outlook, add a .pst file and name it according to your choice, like “contacts”.
  • After that, right-click on the contacts folder you want to backup and select copy folder.
  • A dialogue box will pop up; choose and click on Ok.
  • Repeat this for each contact folder.
  • After that, close MS Outlook and execute the copying task for the “contacts” .pst file at your backup place.

What to do if some contacts are lost?

If some of your contacts are missing from the Outlook profile and you are searching for a way to recover them, you must go for Outlook PST repair. For efficient and quick recovery, a professional third-party tool is a need at the time. The third-party tool offers user-oriented processing that saves users’ efforts and time. It also not asks for technical hands as GUI is developed to make it simple.

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Final words:

Backup always favours the user; it becomes a boon in unfavourable conditions. In the above write-up, all verticals of the process are explained regarding the backup of the personal address book, including the .pab file and its path. If you find that some of your contacts are missing, then go with a professional third-party best PST repair tool for recovery. 

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