4 Best Computer/Employee Monitoring Software of 2020

The year 2020 will be remembered as the year when we spent most of our time in our home due to a pandemic. It also gave a famous word ‘work-from-home’ to the majority of businesses. Now, we are working from our homes and completing our projects by keeping in touch with our team members and clients. When your employees are working from their homes, then the businesses need to make sure that the progress of the project is satisfactory and the employees are giving their best efforts.

As employees are using their networks while doing the official business, then there is a chance of data leakage or data theft unknowingly because of the absence of any security setting or protocol. To overcome such scenarios, the businesses use some monitoring software that will monitor the screens of the employees and bring you the data in various formats so that you can inform the employees about any activity or stop them from doing any unwanted task.

There are numerous benefits of monitoring the employees through software;

  • It makes sure about the data security as Employees are alarmed that they should not sit idle or visit unnecessary websites like social media sites, video playing sites, or gaming sites, etc.
  • When you bill your clients about the ongoing services, then they ask for the quality of work that you performed to them. Then you can share the result of the monitored employees that for how many hours the employees gave to the project.
  • When you need to evaluate the performance of the employees after each year, then the results from the monitored activity became the factor to analyze the performance. You can check these results and see how the individual employees performed in the last year.
  • Many legal compliances need you to make sure that you have the records of the activities of your workstations especially if you are working in the service sector like banking, legal counseling, medicine, financial, etc. The government agencies can ask for the records any time and you will have to provide them.

Now, when you get to know about the benefits of the monitoring software for your business, your next step is to choose the best monitoring software. In the present article, we will help you in getting the best solution and their direct business for the business.


ActivTrak is the cloud-based employee monitoring software that can analyze the work pattern of each employee of your organization and give you the reports based on the total work done. You can easily check which employees were the most hard-working and which one was unproductive.
Here are some advantages of the ActivTrak

  • It will analyze the behavior pattern of the user and assess for any suspicious activity.
  • The reports help in decision-making for the teams to attain better business outcomes.
  • Get the results based on the different teams.
  • Get the reports based on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • An ample number of measures to maintain business operations at a higher level.
  • Provides competitive pricing for contemporary monitoring software or applications.


If other monitoring software puts their focus on securing the business data, then Hubstaff aims for improving the productivity. There are a great number of features like GPS tracking, Time tracking, Online timesheets, Productivity monitoring, team scheduling, Simple payroll, easy invoices, etc. The user can import existing projects or create new ones from scratch. For employee monitoring, it will track the opened apps, and URL activities will check for the keys pressed, mouse movement, etc.
Features of Hubstaff

  • Take the screenshots of employee’s screens promptly.
  • Get the automated reports for the whole team.
  • A time clock to check how much time did your employees spent on workstations.
  • Real-time updates to get productivity measurement.
  • Schedule the project for the teams.


If you overlook the inappropriate name for the monitoring software, then you will find some best features for monitoring the employees. It will let you see what your employees are doing on their computers, their whole screens, which websites are they opening, which applications are they using. It will let you create alerts from specific actions of employees and stop them from doing it.
There are multiple features of the software to help you in monitoring –

  • Productivity analysis for checking the progress of the project or assignments.
  • Time tracking feature to track the active and idle hours of the employees.
  • Record the live activities of the employees for future use.
  • Keylogger to check the frequency of the pressed keys.


SentryPC is another cloud-based monitoring software that performs the monitoring for multiple computer screens simultaneously. Its main jobs are to overview, activate the remote monitoring, content filtering, schedule etc.
There are multiple features associated with the main jobs –

  • Records both Windows and iOS-based computer systems.
  • Works completely in a stealthy manner without giving any trace of its presence.
  • Download the recorded activities in the logs based on computers, users, and time.
  • There are visual charts to portray the activities.


Teramind is the analytical tool that works deep monitoring for the screens. It gives you three different of the application – Teramind Starter, Teramind UAM, and Teramind DLP. All three work differently and at different prices. The Starter pack is for simple monitoring for small and mid-sized organizations, video capture, and some optimization tools.

  • Teramind offers its services to the majority of industries like healthcare, financial, government, data privacy, BPOs, Retail, Hospitality, etc.
  • Easy-user interface to handle the cloud application from any platform.
  • Insider threat detection to stop the employees from any suspicious activity.
  • Intelligent behavioral analysis.
  • Advanced compliance management features.