What are Top 3 Best EML to PST Converter Software?

Data conversion is a necessary task in a business when users require to perform it from one format to another. Whenever a platform or application’s license is expired, then it is required to choose a better option with great features at optimum price. But, while converting the data file, there are multiple challenges like will the conversion work or corrupts the data.

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When the users want to move their emails to Outlook, then they need to convert EML files to PST file format via free or best EML to PST Converter. Outlook only recognizes PST format and can function with imported files also. One primary email format is EML which saves a single message body and it is pretty simple to use it. Generally, when the user downloads an email from a web application, then the email is saved in EML file format.

There are multiple limitations related to the EML file that make it unworthy to use in the Outlook application. Some of them are the following –

  1. There is no encryption to protect EML data.
  2. EML file is only the message body of a single email.
  3. It corrupts so frequently & saved contacts, calendars, notes, journals, etc. missed.
  4. Any user can open EML file in a notepad and change the contents.
  5. As it can save only the message part, other important objects like Subjects, attachments, recipients, and other information will be skipped in it.

To overcome from these points related to EML files, we are going to show you a list of 3 professional best EML to PST Converter software that can convert unlimited number of EML files to PST format collectively and easily.

The below-mentioned table contains the important details related to simple conversion and these tools are efficient enough to provide you desired results. Each software has a different user interface, features and number of steps to complete the conversion process. User can choose best EML to PST converter software by analyzing the below features comparison.

SysTools EML File Converter

A higher-rated converter software that is capable of mass conversion into PST and several other output formats.

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Kernel for EML to PST

The safest email converter software with the simplest user interface and best filter options after creating new PST files.

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Zook EML to PST Converter

A promised toolkit that converts the eml files from different applications and also merges them to PST format.

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Common features
Converts EML/EMLX files to PST format. Converts EML/EMLX files to PST format. Converts EML/EMLX files to PST format.
The message body and header are not changed after conversion. The full structure of the EML file is protected and maintained during and after conversion. Preserves important eml file elements like header, Cc, attachments, timestamp, date, signature, etc.
Saves PST files at the user-defined folder location Saves PST files in an accessible folder mentioned by the user. The Output PST file is mentioned by the user and its saving location.
Runs on all Windows OS platforms. Converts eml files on all Windows Operating Systems. Works in all Windows OS systems including Windows 11.
Saves 10 items per folder in the trial version The trial version saves 5 EML/EMLX files per folder. The Free trial version saves 10 EML files in PST format.
24*7 customer support 24*7 customer support 24*7 customer support
Key features
Converts EML files into PST, MSG, HTML, PDF, NSF, Office 365, and MBOX formats. Saves EML/EMLX files into PST, MSG, and Office 365 accounts. Has the maximum number of output formats like PST, DOC, CSV, MBOX, HTML, and other 20+ clients.
Previews contents from EML files before the conversion. Shows the preview of EML files as well as their attachments. Converts EML files created from different apps like Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Zimbra, Windows Live Mail, etc.
Allows Selective conversion with proper filters. It searches for EML files in the system automatically. Creates multiple batches to convert EML files easily.
The attachments and images are protected and remain useful in the output file. The smart filtering options are based on properties like date, from, to, subject, etc. Protects the UNICODE (non-English) characters too.
Preview mode shows data in 8 formats like Hex, Normal, HTML, MIME, attachment, etc. Converts EMLX files created from the Apple Mail application. Merges multiple EML files into a single PST file.
Offers special date range to select only limited emails. It either creates a new PST file or saves EML in the existing PST file too. Protects the sender and recipients' information of each message.
Requires .NET Framework 4.6 and above to run the software Full protection of email hierarchy and integrity after the conversion. Skips unwanted folders from the source file from conversion.
Requires IBM Notes to convert EML data to NSF format. Provides an extremely simplified user interface to help the user in simple access and conversion. Does not require Outlook to create the PST files.
Personal License starts from $29Buy Now Home License starts from $39Buy Now Home License starts from $49Buy Now


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