Best 3 Exchange Recovery Software that are most demandable in 2023

Exchange Server has been the robust backbone of millions of businesses since two decades and has seen various incarnations with different versions. Its database is the foundation on which Exchange saves the mailboxes and the size of database is spread into multiple gigabytes to accommodate lengthy user mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folders.

There are minor chances that Exchange database may become corrupt due to some hardware or software reasons. Sometimes, the user shutdowns the system or mailbox improperly and it leaves the databased in an unbalanced state. The business may face some idle hours due to a corrupt Exchange and they may need to contacts with Microsoft’s support team. A corrupt database may show different types of errors in Outlook application where you have connected the Exchange account. Here are some examples of errors that you may face with a corrupt EDB file –

”The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.”
“Outlook has lost connection to your e-mail server. Contact your administrator.”
“An error occurred when attempting to remove a database file.”
“It was impossible to deliver to this recipient.”
“An error occurred on the destination folder during a copy operation.”
“This server does not host the user’s mailbox database.”
“The server doesn’t recognize a client’s authentication level.”
“The folder has been deleted but not yet cleaned up.”
“The operation failed because the target message was infected with a virus and has been deleted.”
“The database is corrupt. (JET_errBadPageLink)”
“A parent database is corrupt. (JET_errBadParentPageLink)”

There can be different errors affecting either database, mailbox, folders, or individual items and you require to recover complete dataset so that there is no integrity problem. In Exchange, you can use ESEUTIL tool to check the database for such errors, but there is no guarantee that it can recover severely corrupt or deleted data. There is soft or hard repair that can further damage the database content.

To overcome such bothersome problems associated with corrupt Exchange database, we are presenting you some professional Exchange Recovery software that can repair Exchange database with different approach and provide multiple features and options to save the recovered data.

Stellar Repair for Exchange

A high rated recovery software recommended by multiple Exchange experts and MVPs. It recovers database from all kinds of corruption, deletion, or inaccessibility.

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Kernel for Exchange Server

The Exchange recovery software with simplest user-interface and maximum number of output formats and platforms to save the recovered data from an EDB file.

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SysTools Exchange Recovery

The EDB recovery software that promises Exchange recovery with great precision and safety. It can repair multiple database files at the same time.

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Common features
Repairs complete database and recovery all mailboxes. It maintains the folder in correct order. Scans EDB file for corruption and retrieves each mailbox with all the folders. Recovers large EDB files including public and provide mailbox folders accurately.
Repairs dismounted Exchange database files and allows to save in different formats. Repairs dismounted Exchange database files for corruption and deletion. Recovers mailboxes from dismounted database and checks for corruption.
The software can save mailbox items into PST, RTF, MSG, HTML, and PDF format. The recovery software saves EDB file items into PST, MSG, EML, HTML, MHTML formats. The software saves EDB mailbox items into PDF, PST, HTML, MBOX, MSG formats.
Saves the files directly to Live Exchange and Office 365. Saves entire mailboxes to live Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook profile. Exports directly to Exchange Server and Office 365.
Shows a clean preview of each item after recovery. A clean preview of each item from the mailbox folder. A preview is shown after the mailbox is repaired completely.
Runs on all Windows and Windows Server platforms. Works on all Windows and Windows Server Operating Systems. Runs on all Windows and Windows Server systems.
The trial version lets you preview the recovered items only. The trial version of the software saves 25 items per folder. The demo version saves 25 items per folder only.
24*7 technical support. 24*7 technical support. 24*7 technical support.
Key features
Uses Quick scan or extensive scan to repair the corrupt EDB file for greater rate of recovery. Does not require MS Outlook to create PST file to save the recovered items. Supports recovery of all types of Exchange mailboxes like user mailbox, archive mailbox, legacy, disconnected, and shared mailbox.
Processes up to 4 mailboxes per database with a greater speed. Recovers permanently deleted items and places them in their original folders. Allows quick and advanced scanning modes for deeper recovery.
Allows to put priority over mailbox to save them into PST, Exchange Server, and Office 365. Migrates Exchange data to any version of Live Exchange Server including 2019. Checks for connectivity with Live Exchange server and migrates from EDB file into it.
Recovers archive mailbox for same corruption or deletion issues. Uses different methods to export, migrate, or convert the mailbox items. Migrated EDB file data to Live Exchange using an auto-generated CSV file.
Repairs corrupt public folders. Migrates mailboxes from all kinds of IMAP servers. Allows you to save the scanned results of Exchange database files to use them in future again.
Provides special dial tone recovery for selected mailboxes. Repairs data from Exchange backup files too. Maintains the exact structure of exchange mailbox present in EDB file.
Searches for mailbox items based on deep search criteria. Delegates full access rights to Office 365 users to access mailboxes. Applies filters on source data based on various mailbox properties.
Applies different kinds of filter to include or exclude data items. Recovers public folders from corrupt EDB files and saves them in desired output files. Generates complete export or migration report.
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  1. My EDB data became corrupted, and I used the Stellar Repair Tool to recover it. This is an informative blog where users can choose the best tool for their specific needs. The blog also described some examples of errors, which is extremely beneficial to users. Thank you for sharing this useful post.

  2. This blog is helpful for me to find the best solution to recover my Exchange EDB data. I use the SysTools Exchange Recovery software. With the help of the software mentioned in this blog, I recovered Exchange EDB data in a few minutes. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog.

  3. I want to recover my Exchange EDB data from a corrupted EDB file. I was looking for the best solution to recover my data, then I read this blog. I used the Kernel Recovery Tool, which was mentioned in the given blog, which was very helpful for me to get a successful result. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

  4. My Exchange database file was corrupted and I wanted to recover it  I used SysTools Exchange recovery software to recover my file, and I successfully recovered my corrupted EDB file by using this software. This blog proved to be very helpful for me. I can also recover my large EDB files without losing any data and without any errors. Thanks for sharing this blog.

  5. My all worries related to retrieve EDB data were vanished when I install and use this best EDB Recovery Software. The tool has all automated process so only work the user has to do is selecting EDB files and do check-in preview. The tool supports various versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook. Thanks for sharing above blog method.

  6. I was worried when Exchange files got corrupted and I searched for a perfect solution. With the help of the above given method I recovered Exchange data. The blog shares every tiny information about process, guided me so well. Thanks for sharing.

  7. After seeing performance of demo version if Stellar repair for Exchange tool, I used only this software. This tool recover Exchange mailbox data as it was previous. Thanks for introducing this tool in this blog.

  8. The blog mentioned most popular tools of Exchange recovery software, the one which I used regularly is Sys tool Exchange recovery software. It has ultimate capabilities to recover EDB files from the worst conditions.

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