Free Ways to Convert EDB to PDF File

An Exchange Server is a computer server that helps you manage your email, calendar, and contacts. It’s designed to work with the Microsoft Outlook email program

and can also work with other email programs and mobile devices. Exchange Server can send and receive an email and keep track of your contacts. It can also share documents and files with other people.

Now, let’s proceed with the EDB and PDF file-

The EDB file is an essential file for MS Exchange. It is a database file used for communication between departments and organizations. EDB is a database file used for communication between departments and organizations. It can store information from departments and organizations, and it will be in one place.


On the other hand, PDF files are a document format that maintains the data intact. If protected with a secure password, it cannot be altered or modified by any users. Enterprises widely use PDF files for easy documentation purposes, business usage, etc. It offers a way to store your data.

User Query: Help me out! I have a few Exchange EDB file that needs to be converted into PDF file due to the easy accessibility of PDF files. I have tried various techniques from Google SERP but failed every time. Is their any way to do so?

Why Convert Exchange EDB File to PDF Document?

Let’s get started- Why are most users looking to convert their exchange EDB files into PDF format?

Check this out:

An open file format is PDF. Because of this, it eliminates all reliance on any particular proprietary mail formats. Additionally, it supports platform independence, allowing users to view it on any system as long as Adobe Reader is installed.
Emails can be accessed anytime using the PDF file format without needing an Exchange server connection.

In the below section, I have listed a few reasons that insist users migrate Exchange EDB to PDF file documents. Let’s explore them!!

  • The PDF file format is an open-source format that effectively eliminates dependence on any particular exclusive mail formats.
  • PDF files also support platform sovereignty, allowing users to open and view the files on any system. However, Adobe Reader is required to access PDF files.
  • Exported PDF files containing emails can be obtained anytime without dependence on the Exchange server.

Now, let’s move further and look at some manual methods for converting EDB files into PDF file formats.

Manual Method to Convert Exchange EDB File to PDF

Since no direct methods are available for converting EDB files to PDF, individuals have to use an unusual method. This method requires having MS Outlook and the Acrobat add-in installed on your system. Users must access their EDB mailboxes via the Outlook application to convert their EDF files.

Note: Ensure MS Outlook and Adobe Acrobat are installed on your system.

  1. Open the Outlook application on your system.
  2. Enter your login credentials and login into Outlook.
  3. After that, navigate the File menu and select Options.
  4. Now, click on the Add-ins from the Options section.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page. After scrolling, find the option Manage: Com Add-ins.
  6. Proceed with the Go button to enter the Add-ins section.
  7. Now, a new window will appear of a Com Add-ins. Select the Acrobat PDFMaker add-in box.
  8. Finally, after enabling the add-in, pick the message or folders, and convert them into PDFs.

One can easily convert Exchange EDB to PDF file format by implementing the above steps. This method might sound easy, but there are many flaws.

Flaws in the Above Method:

This process may take longer to execute than other methods, and you may face complex issues with each step. The problem could arise repeatedly, and data modification could take place, making this method less safe.

However, one need not worry about the flaws. Here, you can use the professional and reliable method to convert your Exchange EDB files into PDF format with ease.

Professional Method to Convert Exchange EDB File to PDF File

This EDB to PST Converter tool lets you convert EDB files to PDF format. It is easy to use and requires no technical expertise to run the utility. However, if the EDB file is damaged, you’ll need a professional utility to repair the damage and restore it in any other file format. EDB file corruption can cause data loss if it’s not fixed immediately and reliably. In such a case also, the Exchange EDB Converter is reliable. It also repairs the damaged and corrupt EDB files and converts them into PDF, PST, and other file formats.

What you are waiting for!! Just download EDB to PST tool to convert Exchange EDB files to PDF professionally.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to convert an EDB file to a PDF file, you should know that the EDB file is not a standard file format. It is a specific database file type used by the Microsoft Exchange server to store email messages and other data. In this write-up, one will learn how to convert Exchange EDB files to PDF files using the manual and professional approach. However, I have listed a professional tool due to a few flaws in the aforementioned manual method. To convert EDB to PDF, you need to have a reliable third-party converter tool. Selecting a simple and advanced best EDB to PST converter tool to convert EDB to PDF with no errors is essential. The best answer is EDB to PST Converter

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