2 Methods to Convert OST Files to EML Format

Summary: An Offline Storage File is connected to the Exchange on Outlook. However, it is only supported on Outlook and if a user wants to send an email to a different location, then it has to be converted to another profile which may be EML. This blog will help to understand the ways to convert OST to EML file.

OST and EML file formats are beneficial for sending emails. They are the inherent file formats that are functional on Outlook. While the OST file format helps to save email addresses, contacts and calendars by default, the EML format, on the other hand, helps to save the files in a dynamic form. That is why most users look forward to convert OST to EML format for ease of usage.

If you are looking forward to undertaking the same process, this article has covered you with some easy and tested steps that will help you convert the OST Files into EML Files.

What are OST and EML Files?

OST files are the Offline storage table that stores a lot of information from emails, tasks, calendars, notes, and contacts. On the other hand, EML file stores one email, including the contents like attachments, messages, dates, and receiver/sender details. People using different emailing platforms nowadays require ways to convert data from one file type to another. The easiest conversion of the OST Files is to EML Files. The formats are different from each other in many aspects, and users may require one of the formats at one time. Therefore, it becomes necessary to convert the files.

Why save OST to EML Format?

  • Crashing System – While the exchange server is generally safe, there have been instances where the system crashed due to unwanted malware attacks.
  • Need to Backup – Sometimes the files may be affected to a corrupt software. Backing up the data becomes relevant here. This will allow the user to use an EML file to access the data.
  • EML sharing compatibility – While OST files are not compatible with any other email platform, EML files can be accessed through different software. Hence conversion gives flexibility to the user in sharing the data with ease.
  • Using the other platform – Users can change their email platforms from time to time depending upon how convenient, easy, and cost-effective the platform is. As mentioned, EML files can be used by many platforms allowing the user to transfer the data quickly from the old platform to the new one.

Best ways to convert OST to EML format

There are two ways of converting OST to EML. You can use either of them at your convenience.

  1. However, When the OST files are connected to the Exchange server. Though there are some pre-requisites before performing the steps for this method.
    • An IMAP Gmail account configured into MS Outlook is a must.
    • Use of email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zoho Mail, etc. that supports EML format.
  2. When the OST files are not connected.

Let’s see the step-by-step guide for the first method.

When OST files are connected to Exchange Server

Once you have confirmed the existence of the Exchange server, then a two-step process must be underway. After you have confirmed the abovementioned prerequisites on your system, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Copy OST files to Gmail – First step is to copy the OST file to the configured Gmail account. You can just select the file and drag and drop it.
  2. Configure Gmail account in Thunderbird – In this step, you need to configure the same Gmail account in the Mozilla Thunderbird since it supports EML files. You will be able to see the OST file in Thunderbird after the configuration is completed.
  3. Save as into EML format – The user can get the EML format files from Thunderbird directly, even by dragging and dropping. Just pick the OST files from Thunderbird and drop them in a preferred location on your system.
When the OST file is not connected

The user can take the help of any third-party Best OST to PST Converter tool such as OST to PST converter or any other professional tool in this case. The third-party tools provide a solution for the not connected OST files and with that have many other features. It will save time, perform the tasks easily, and can perform the multiple OST files which are not possible in manual ways.

The steps with the help which this can be performed are provided as under:

  1. Download the third part software and install the same on your system.
  2. Click on ‘Browse’. This will add the OST file to the software.
  3. Click on ‘Next’. A pop-up mailbox will appear before the screen. One can select any item therein.
  4. Right-click the selected item and select ‘Save as EML’.
  5. Click on Next and choose the specific filters.
  6. Select the filters, and then the path wherein the file would be saved.
  7. Click on Finish, and your file will be converted.

OST and EML file formats are different from each other and therefore the users should learn how to convert from one format to another. To convert OST to EML can be done in two methods. OST to PST tool provides benefits for the user in many ways. However, if the manual method does not work you can opt for a third-party tool.

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