Steps to Create a Email Account Free

When the user is working on the Outlook application, then it does not require to have a Microsoft account here. Outlook supports all types of accounts from Gmail, Yahoo, Mozilla, and any other platforms. Generally, it is the protocol of the account like IMAP, POP, and SMTP and defines the nature of the account. When the user purchases the Microsoft 365 subscription, then the given account is not free but the paid account of subscription. If you want to have a free Outlook account, then you can create a email account.

The free account will be accessible in the web browser where you can access your emails or add the account in the Outlook application. The users who want to create a email account, then the Microsoft based account is a good option because it will not have any synchronization or port number issues.

  1. In the web browser, type and click enter.
  2. Click the option to create a Free account.
    Click the option to create a Free account.
  3. Provide a name to your account. Then two among the two options like Outlook or Hotmail. Both will be available for free. Then click Next.
    Provide a name to your account
  4. Create a password. Try to create a complex password where you use the alphanumeric characters, uppercase, lowercase and you will remember it easily.
    Create a complex password
    Click the checkbox to get information, tips, and offers about Microsoft products and services.
    Then click Next.
  5. Provide the name of your account. You can choose to have a different account name. then click Next.
    Provide the name of your account.
  6. Provide the details of your country and Date of birth. Then click Next.
    Provide the details of your country and Date of birth
  7. There is a small puzzle that is required to stop the bots from creating the account. Input the details of the puzzle and click Next.
    Input the details of the puzzle
  8. Your account is created successfully. There will be a test email in your inbox to check the availability of your account. You can now use the same account to commit email communication with your colleagues, friends, and clients.
    Your account is created successfully

Benefits of create a email account

The free email account is not limited to email communication. But, there are multiple benefits that the user will enjoy while using the account. Here are some of them;

  1. Free Storage.
    There will be a free 15 GB of storage space at the cloud for the account. Although the Microsoft 365 users will get the additional space with their subscription, you can choose to save the items in the OneDrive cloud directly. In the OneDrive, you can save the email message along with their attachments.
  2. Add-ins.
    There are multiple add-ins available in the Outlook that you can choose to better the overall usage. There is a grammar checker, pdf converter, holiday tracker, OneNote, Skype Meeting, PayPal, etc. The add-ins are available in the Microsoft Office Add-ins.
  3. Automated reminders.
    When you get the important emails, or you have an important meeting in the few days, then you can create the reminders for all the tasks. It makes your tasks are easier when you need to perform some tasks regularly and at a dedicated time like billing, meeting, interviews, etc.
  4. Desktop Notifications.
    There is the option to enable the desktop notification for the incoming messages and reminders that will inform you about the emails even when you have closed the account.
  5. Outlook Settings.
    In the Outlook settings, there is an ample number of features for your account like multiple themes as per your likeness. A dark mode to save the power, display density for the messages, manage the news messages on the top, newest messages on the bottom, rules for a specific action, message handling, message forwarding, etc. you can use these features and get the best performance from your account.
  6. Free. is the best platform that gives you the top-notch features for free . All the above features make your email communication easier. Later, you can purchase the Microsoft 365 subscription and get more applications to use.

Conclusion is a useful platform from Microsoft that is perfect for managing the emails at a limited level when you create a email account. If you have lost some emails in the account, then you can use a recovery software that will recover the emails and place them at their original location. User can choose automatic PST repair software or manual methods to repair PST file, depend on your needs.

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