Simple Methods to Decrypt Outlook PST Password

PST files save a lot of important backup information which makes it very important to protect from getting stolen or moved without the admin’s permission. Therefore, many users and offices use passwords to protect their data from any mishappening. Although making it password protected helps save data from any unnecessary tensions, it can also create some if the password is forgotten or changed without any information to the user. In such cases, users are unable to decrypt PST files and can lose their data. In this blog, we will look for the easiest ways to decrypt PST files so that data can be accessed.

Two easiest ways to decrypt Outlook PST password are

There are no direct methods to decrypt PST password protection but that doesn’t mean there is no workaround.

  1. Using TESTPST
  2. Using recovery tools

Let’s discuss these methods in detail with a step-by-step guide for the users to follow.

Method 1: Using TESTPST

TESTPST is a workaround present in Outlook but it doesn’t decrypt Outlook PST password. It does better by changing PST password. The best part about this method is that TESTPST is free of cost. Here are the steps to change the settings for changing the password:

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your system and navigate the PST. Select the PST file and right-click it to choose Properties for “TESTPST”.
    Choose Properties for “TESTPST”
  2. In the appeared dialog box you will see the Advanced button. Click on the button and then OK to proceed further.
    In the appeared dialog box you will see the Advanced button
  3. In this step click on the Change Password button in the appeared personal folders dialogue box.
    Change Password button in the appeared personal folders dialogue box
  4. Here you can enter your old password, and new password and click OK. Your password is changed.
    Enter your old password, and new password
Method 2: Using Outlook password recovery tools

Best Outlook password recovery tools make the job all the easier for the user because of less number of steps and fast process. There are two types of Outlook password recovery tools that we will learn in this blog- A free command-line tool and a third-party tool.

Command-line tool- pst19upg.exe

This is a command-line tool that can be used to strip off the password of the files even in the case of PST files. Although this tool was not created for this purpose as a side effect it can strip the file off of its password. Before using this tool you need to backup PST file as an emergency backup in case the tool doesn’t come through. It is recommended because the tool is not designed to do this but it does strip the password of the file accidentally. So there may be chances that it can damage the data in the PST file. This is just a two-step process:

  1. In the Command Prompt use command- PST19UPG –x filename.pst. This will create a new file with filename.pst as its name.
  2. In the next step use command- PST19UPG –i filename.pst. It will create another new file with the name.

After these steps are performed the PST file will be stripped of its password.

Third-party tools

As the name suggests third-party tools can be found online easily. They are safe and fast and can save the data from getting corrupt while decrypting Outlook PST password. Outlook Password Recovery tools are easily available in the market as well as on the web.

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There are instances where users try to save their data from getting stolen by using password encryption for Outlook emails. If the password is forgotten the data can be in danger since it is inaccessible. In such cases, decrypt Outlook PST password is necessary which can be done using the above-mentioned methods.

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  1. To decrypt the Outlook PST password, I tried the first method. As you know, manual methods are time-consuming. You will undoubtedly succeed if you carefully follow all of the instructions. I am thankful to the author for posting this informative and useful post.

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