2 Ways to Fix MS Outlook Error 0X80040116

Outlook is a prominent email client used by numerous email users, and it also has a simple GUI, making it more accessible. It creates OST and PST files

on the user’s system; OST files users allow to work even without internet availability. Despite having so many advantages, in many instances, users face an error with Outlook. Outlook.pst cannot be accessed-0X80040116, a common error. With this error, Outlook can’t access the PST files, and an error message of Outlook error 0X80040116 show on the user’s display. This content will provide you with a straightforward way to solve this error. 

Reasons for this error:

  1. Improper Shutdown of Outlook Account: Sometimes, users shut down Outlook improperly, creating this problem.
  2. Oversized PST file: This error also happens due to large PST file size.
  3. Damaged and corrupted PST file: A PST file can be corrupted for many reasons, and Outlook can’t access it.
  4. Presence of a firewall or antivirus.
  5. Corruption in the Header file.

It also has more reasons which can be different for every user.

How users can solve Outlook error 0X80040116 problem:

There are two ways available to fix this problem. One is looking for a manual method, and another is using an advanced professional best PST Repair utility. In this write-up, we are addressing both ways and covering all the dimensions.

1. Manual method

a) Create a new Outlook account

You can also get rid of this error by creating a new Outlook profile. Follow the below-given steps to make it:

  • Go to the Control Panel and make click on Mail.
  • Mail Setup Wizard will pop up; select the Show Profile option.
  • Now, at first, go with the “Properties” and follow it with the “Data Files” option.
  • Continue with the Set as Default, and click on the New under the Email tab.
  • Enter the asked Email Account details.
  • By performing the above steps, a new Outlook profile will be created. In the end, select the “Always use this profile” option.

b) Use Scanpst.exe to repair the PST file

Scanpst.exe is an inbuilt utility offered by Microsoft to handle small corruption issues. This utility repairs the .pst files if there is some minor corruption, but it doesn’t come in handy in hard/severe corruption scenarios. Follow the below-given steps to run this utility.

  • The first step is to locate Scanpst.exe.”
  • Now using the Browse button, browse the corrupted file.
  • You can see the browsed .pst file.
  • Start scanning simply by clicking the Start button.
    Start scanning
  • You can see here that the wizard stated that some errors had been detected. Check the box asking for the backup before repairing. Finally, click on Repair.
    Finally, click on Repair.
  • After the completion of the repair process, a dialog box with the message “Repair Complete” will be seen. Make click on Ok.
    After the completion of the repair process, a dialog box with the message "Repair Complete" will be seen.


Limitations of the manual method:

Manual methods have so many limitations in performing this task. It can be challenging for most users because it requires excellent technical knowledge to solve Outlook error 0X80040116 problems. 

  • There are limitations on adding multiple PST files and their size also.
  • Through the manual method, there are also high chances of error; users can permanently lose their data due to a single mistake.
  • Scanpst.exe utility doesn’t work for severe corruption cases.
  • Moreover, it consumes too much time to perform this task which wastes the maximum time of the users. So these are reasons why professionals prefer something other than the manual method to perform these kinds of functions.

The professional way to fix this error:

Professionals opt the professional tools for effortless and efficient processing. The professional software is very advanced and able to fix this problem in a bit of time. The third-party tool Outlook PST Repair expertly solves the Outlook error 0X80040116 by repairing the PST files. It allows users to add multiple PST files without any restrictions on their size. It skillfully maintains the folder hierarchy and meta properties of the data. It doesn’t matter how severely your PST files are corrupted; the tool will handle it. 

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Wrapping up

In this blog, we have learned about both manuals and professional ways. In conclusion, we suggest you use a professional method to solve Outlook error 0X80040116 because this is a secure and straightforward way to fix this error. We already mentioned above the limitations of the manual mode and what kind of problems users can face through the manual method. So, for a proficient and professional resolution, one must try any best PST repair professional tool.

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