Methods to Import Outlook PST to Apple Mail

MS Outlook has become a professional organization’s most popular email client. It is easily used for sending and receiving emails, attachments, calendars, tasks, and invites. Amid all this, the users

need to import PST to Apple Mail. While Windows users rely on MS Outlook for exchanging emails, the Mac users depend on Apple Mail. It is already known that MS Outlook saves the data in the PST format, while data in Apple Mail is stored in MBOX format. To access the PST files in Apple Mail, importing them to Apple Mail by converting them to MBOX is essential.

There may be several reasons why the users may need to convert the PST files to MBOX format and import them to Apple Mail. Let us understand the reason behind this and the methods to fix this issue.

Reasons to import PST to Apple Mail

There are several reasons to import PST to Apple Mail.  The list of the same has been given as follows:

  1. MS Outlook crashes and shuts down
  2. The files of MS Outlook are corrupt
  3. There is an issue of Account deletion with MS Outlook
  4. The users are migrating to a new environment
  5. Apple Mail does not require any license for upgradation
  6. Apple Mail is available for free

Method to import PST to Apple Mail

Let us understand the detailed method to import PST to Apple Mail by discussing every step.

Step 1: Enable the IMAP in Gmail Account

    Log in to your Gmail Account
  • Select the settings-related option from the top-right corner
  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  • Check the option, Enable IMAP
  • Click on the Save Changes option

Step 2: Configure the Gmail Account in MS Outlook

  • Open MS Outlook. 
  • Select Add Account from the File tab.
  • Select New from the Account Setting Wizard.
  • Select the Email Account. Click on Next.
  • Select the Manual Setup and click on Next.
  • Select Internet Email, and click on Next.
  • Enter the name, email address, and the password in the new dialogue box.
  • Change the account type to IMAP.
  • Type in the Incoming Mail Server.
  • Type in the Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Select More Settings.
  • Under the Outgoing Server Menu, select My outgoing serve requires authentication.
  • Click OK and then Next.
  • Select the Finish option to end the entire setup.
  • Drag the desired emails from the MS Outlook account and drop the same to any folder in Gmail.

Step 3: Configure Gmail Account in Apple Mail

  • Open Apple Mail. Then select Preferences from the Mail option.
  • Select the Accounts tab, and then click on Add icon.
  • Enter your name, email address, and the password of the Account.  Now click on Continue.

  • Enter all the necessary information in the specific fields.
  • Now move the emails from the Gmail folder to an Apple Mail folder.

If the users follow these steps, then they will be in a position to import PST to Apple Mail easily. However, this manual method is quite lengthy and difficult to perform. Despite undertaking every step carefully, it does not guarantee results. There is a huge risk of data loss as well. The PST files can be damaged in the process of conversion. In such a situation, switching to a professional method would be feasible. According to this method, the users can convert the PST files to MBOX and then import the same to Apple Mail. Let us explore more about this method.

MS Outlook PST Repair Tool: The one stop solution

MS Outlook PST Repair Tool is an automated tool. It helps to repair corrupt PST files. It comes with an easy interface. It is possible to convert PST files to multiple formats, such as MBOX, without any risk of data loss. It resolves every issue related to the PST files. It is available free of cost. This third-party tool exports the PST files in the MBOX formats instantly. This is the best solution to overcome the limitations of the manual method. It is very easy to execute this method.

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PST is the primary format wherein all the data of MS Outlook gets stored. However, this format does not work in Apple Mail. Therefore, the users can use manual methods to import these PST files to Apple Mail in MBOX format. But if they cannot get the desired results from the manual methods, they can easily switch to the professional method. This tool is very feasible to use and does not require any technical assistance. It is upon the users to choose any particular method depending on their convenience.

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