3 Ways to Fix PST Corruption after Moving or Renaming File

Summary: MS Outlook is a professional tool with multiple functions. Sometimes, the PST files can be damaged while performing essential functions like renaming

or moving the file. Here, we discuss all the 3 possible solutions to fix this issue.

Outlook is every user’s go-to platform when it comes to email communication and its management. But recently, the platform has been experiencing a few Outlook errors observed by multiple users.
You might have tried many times to rename or move the PST files, haven’t you? But every time you rename or move these PST files, it results in an unresponsive PST. This exposes your PST files to a significant risk of data loss. It is important to fix this issue as soon as possible to save your data. And in this article, we discuss all the possible solutions to fix PST corruption after moving or renaming file and further discuss all its possible causes.

What are the causes behind PST file Corruption?

Numerous factors are responsible for corrupting the PST files after you have moved or renamed them. The major reasons behind this issue are given as follows:

  • MS Outlook was open when you were moving your file.
  • The location of the .pst file is changed manually.
  • The abnormalities of the file recovery system make the PST file corrupt.
  • The MS Outlook application is closed abruptly or unusually.

Top 3 Methods to Fix PST Corruption after Moving or Renaming PST File

After knowing the reasons behind this cause, it is essential to discuss the common ways of solving this problem-

1. Repair Using SCANPST.EXE Tool
MS Outlook is a multi-functional tool for sending and receiving emails. It is equipped with many features to ease the performance of the users. You would be surprised that MS Outlook has an inbuilt repair tool called the Inbox Repair tool (ScanPST) to repair damaged and corrupt PST files. It is now feasible to repair corrupt PST files instantly with the help of this tool.

Let us explore the steps to repair the files using this utility-

  1. Close all programs running on your system before using the SCANPST.exe tool.
  2. Click on Start, and then go to Search.
  3. All the files and folders will appear. Therein in the search bar, type SCANPST.exe.
  4. Click on the Search button. Once the search process is complete, you can view the SCANPST.exe file in the result.
  5. Double-click on the SCANPST.exe file, which needs to be repaired. The SCANPST.exe program will start automatically.
  6. On the SCANPST.exe window, browse the location of the damaged PST files.
  7. Click on the Browse button to find the PST file. The location of the PST file would vary in different operating systems.
  8. Click on the Start button. The tool will automatically fix the issues with the PST files.

2. Delete, Rename, and Move the PST File
The best way to repair PST file is to create a new one and delete the damaged one. MS Outlook is known for automatically recreating PST files when the damaged ones are deleted. But before deleting the PST files, you can always take a backup of them. The easiest way to create a backup is to rename the file. The old PST file is saved as a backup by renaming the file.

Here are the steps to backup the PST file.

  1. Close MS Outlook.
  2. Open your hard drive and navigate to the Documents folder.
  3. Select the Outlook files and the email folder whose PST file you want to rebuild.
  4. Find the files with an extension .pst.
  5. Right-click on the file and select the rename option.
  6. Edit the name and add a different file extension.
  7. Save the file to the desired location.

Once the files have been renamed successfully, you can relaunch MS Outlook. A new PST file will be available at the default location on your hard drive.

Limitation of manual methods
Both of them are manual methods. But sometimes, these methods may not adequately repair severely damaged PST files. It can be a situation wherein the files cannot be moved from one location to another, or MS Outlook has failed to update the new profile. In such a situation, relying on a professional third-party best PST repair tool is always advisable.

3. The easiest way to fix PST File damage: A Professional MS Outlook PST Repair Tool
An automated MS Outlook PST Repair Tool is the best way to fix damaged PST files after renaming or moving them. Such software is intelligent enough to understand the reasons behind the damaged PST files and automatically detect and fix the issues in the PST files. Some tools are created with robust algorithms that help recover even the deleted and damaged PST files. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Despite powerful algorithms, the user-friendly interface is easy to crack for every user, even the ones using it for the first time.

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Outlook is every professional’s favorite email client, but some users have started observing PST corruption after moving or renaming PST files. It can result from several causes but can also be resolved in a jiffy. There are 3 quick methods to fix this issue, and you have the liberty to follow any process. However, manual methods have a limited capacity to fix corruption. In such a situation, relying on the automated tool for the best results is best.

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