Simple Ways to Recover Deleted Temp Files & Folders

Many users are unaware of the use and importance of temp files in the computer system. It has been quite a common incident where people delete their temp files just to free space. Though it doesn’t matter if you have saved all your data and then delete the temp files. All the deleted files including the temp files are stored in the recycle bin or trash in case of mac OS and can be recovered easily with a few steps. Though it only works when the files are not deleted permanently from the system.

Causes of temp file deletion

  • One of the most common causes is to free space on the computer.
  • Other reasons are responsible for deleted temp files such as corrupted files or virus attacks.
  • Formatted hard drives.

In case of corrupted files and virus attacks the files are not easily located in the computer system. This can also mean that the temp files have been deleted due to the side effects of the virus. In such cases, files cannot be recovered from the recycle bin and can only be recovered using third-party apps. These apps are specially designed in a way to search for the files lost in the system and are hard to find. Third-party apps mostly use common steps to locate and recover the lost or deleted files. Though steps may vary in the case of different apps they are easily available on the website of these apps.

Steps to recover temp files from the Recycle Bin
  • Go to the ‘Start‘ menu and search for ‘Recycle Bin’. You can also find it on the desktop normally.
  • After opening the Recycle bin navigate the files to recover and click right on them.
  • From the options click on ‘Restore’ to recover the files. You will be able to find the deleted files in the original folder it was saved.

These same steps can be used in recovering files from the ‘Trash’ in Mac OS.

Steps to recover deleted files from Windows 10 backup using File History
  • Using the ‘Search’ option type ‘restore files’. This method only works if you have already customized your settings and ‘file history backup’ is activated on your system. Otherwise you can use other methods. You can also use external hard drive for backup and connect it to the system before starting this process.
  • Click ‘Restore your files with File History’.
  • Search the deleted file or folder and click ‘Restore’.
Restoring files from Time machine on Mac OS
  • Open ‘Finder’ that generally saves all the files if you have activated the backup option. If you don’t use it to back up your files you may use another method.
  • The next step is to search the file by its name or if you are able to see it on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Time Machine’ option on the task bas. Alternatively you can Click apple Menu > Select Preferences > Click Time machine.
  • Click ‘Enter time machine’ on the screen.
  • Go to the backup containing deleted files.
  • Search the file and click Restore. This will save the file back to its original location.
Common steps to recover deleted temp files using the third-party app
  • After installing the third party app, open the app.
  • In the dialog box appeared the app will ask the user to write down the name of the lost file or folder. You may also have the option of searching the file type if you are not sure about the lost file name.
  • Then click search. Once the file is located you can recover it.
  • Just select the file and click Restore on the dialog box.
Advantages of using third party app

There are number of third party apps available on the internet that can be used to fulfill your purpose of recovering files. Stellar, Recuva, and Disk drill are few of the most reliable programs available. Many program offer free of cost services as well.

  • They can recover any type or format of data from the computer system or memory.
  • Recovers data even from corrupted files and folders and scan them for further use.
  • It can recover data from formatted or encrypted hard drives.
  • It can track down files by name, type, or format to make it easy for the user in case they don’t remember name of the lost file.

Though it is not a worry to lose the temp files in a normal day-to-day routine it also hurts when the system crashes suddenly and you lose unsaved data and files. This is when data recovery becomes a necessity. In some cases, the deleted files can be found in the recycle bin but in case the files are deleted due to a virus attack or system crash then third-party apps are the best option to recover the data safely.

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