How to fix and repair Outlook 2 GB oversized PST file issue?

When you are working on Outlook 2002 or lower versions of it, you are confined as there is a 2GB size limitation. This is because these versions support ANSI format which limits the file size. Often this 2GB file size limitation has caused troubles for its users. You are not only limited with the size availability but once this file size exceeds you are no longer able to access your files properly.

In case you try to delete some older files in order to reduce the size then also it will not solve the problem as it will not be synchronized with server. This file size limitation also prohibits you from further adding data in a particular file. Microsoft also released service packs which do not allow one to add anything further in case the file approaches 2GB size. However once the limit is reached, you will find problem in sending/receiving mail, making notes, schedulers etc.

To a greater relief, Outlook 2003 and higher versions of it supports Unicode format which does not have this file size limitation. However, you need to create a new PST file even if you upgrade from a lower version to the higher one since the older file format is neither automatically upgraded nor changed.

When the point arrives of how to handle this file size limitation problem, following manual methods could be performed:

  • Download PST2GB which is an external tool provided by Microsoft. The tool helps in restoring the file into usable status by truncating it. However in some oversized cases the tool fails to perform.
  • Hex Editor which could be downloaded from any Windows shareware site could also be used which edits the data of your file. For this process, make a copy of your PST file and then open the file with Hex Editor. Remove few characters from the middle of your file and then repair the damages caused to the file by using Inbox Repair Tool. In case scanpst is able to perform its job properly then you will lose only one or two items which can later be recovered by performing the same operation but with other characters.
  • One can also split the oversized PST files into smaller files all of which contain a part of the original data. These smaller multiple files are less than 2GB and independent of each other and hence can be accessed individually. However, it is cumbersome to manage such multiple parts of a particular file.

After listing out all the possible methods to handle this file size limitation problem, the most comprehensive method which is recommended to everyone is using a professional tool. The tool is expert in repairing oversized PST files without losing the data and keeps the data integrity intact.

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