Easy Steps to Add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook

To add a shared mailbox in Outlook application is simply adding a mailbox from the already configured account (Microsoft 365) with the email client which means changing the desktop system would require adding the mailbox again. A shared mailbox is generally required to get added in the Outlook application for direct sending or receiving messages in an individual folder, thus shedding an extra load of opening it by side.

As we know the shared mailbox can be accessed by a number of users to send and receive emails from the same email address. These user members of the mailbox are assigned permissions from the Microsoft 365 admin to use shared mailbox and its functionalities.

Let us begin with the way to add a shared mailbox in Outlook email client.

Detailed process to add a shared mailbox in Outlook

The primary requirement is that the Microsoft 365 account is successfully configured with the Microsoft Outlook application. Next, the Microsoft 365 admin has to create a shared mailbox using its interface and then add the user as the member of the mailbox. On restarting the Outlook application, a separate mailbox node can be displayed in the interface. If not, then being a member of the mailbox, you can add it on your own with these steps.

Note: It is recommended to take a backup of the Outlook PST file before attempting the below procedure.

  1. Launch your Microsoft Outlook version (with configured Exchange account) installed on your system.
  2. Hit the File tab and then select Account Settings>Account Settings.
  3. The Account Settings page is opened. Select the Exchange account under Email tab and then hit on Change option.
  4. On the next page, move to the bottom right corner and hit on More Settings option.
  5. The Microsoft Exchange settings dialogue box is opened. Switch to the Advanced tab and under Mailboxes section, hit on Add.
  6. Now, on the Add Mailbox dialog box, provide the name of the shared mailbox from the selected Exchange account and then hit on OK.
  7. Click on Apply to confirm this setting on the Advanced tab of the Exchange settings.
  8. Wait for the setting process to get completed.
  9. On the Change Account Settings page, hit on Next now.
  10. A confirmation page appeared which displays all are set. Hit Finish to complete the process.
  11. Now, exit the Account Settings dialog box.
  12. On the Outlook main interface the added shared mailbox can be viewed now.

This newly added shared mailbox can now be used to send and receive emails to a number of users using the Outlook application. To send a mail from this shared mailbox, users may have to choose the Other email address option from the From field of the new email message (while drafting the email) and then select the added shared mailbox email address. This is to be done for the first time only. After that, the email address would be visible in the From field itself.

Note: With the addition of the shared mailbox in the email client application, the shared calendar would automatically gets added which can be accessed and modified by the members of the shared mailbox by visiting the Calendars section in the application and selecting the shared mailbox. Same is the case with the shared mailbox Contacts.

Considering the process to add a shared mailbox in Outlook an easy one is not wrong but one should be aware of the vulnerability to the synchronization issues between shared mailbox server and Outlook application. Some manual fixes for the synchronization errors are setting a new Outlook profile for the shared mailbox, renaming the OST file, modifying the cached settings, enable/disable cached Exchange mode, etc.

Sometimes, the database file (PST) gets adversely affected in the troubleshooting procedures or other procedures with the client application and its settings. Most errors in Outlook occurs due to corrupted Outlook PST file and for dealing with this, we have the most promising Outlook PST Repair solution for all. It is just a recommendation; users can confirm their decisions once visiting the software website and learning about its features as well as from the free trial version.

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Accessing shared mailbox in Outlook email client requires its individual addition using Account Settings of the application. The required process is elaborated in the blog with necessary steps to add a Shared Mailbox in Outlook and the effects of synchronizing the mailbox are also mentioned with an effective third-party solution towards the end.

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