Backup Your Mac PC with Time Machine Quickly

Time machine is a popular application for Mac and that is available in the Windows now. Windows 8 is providing the best support for the users now and that is available at the best from the control panel. The features of this support tool are perfect to support you. You can even get the support of the best configuration for the PC at the time when you need it.

It creates an auto restore point, by keeping the backup of the files. This tool will keep the backup of the files along with it and that will help you by creating a backup of the files from time to time. You can also set the backup creating time for the windows. To set that you will have to get to the control panel and there you will find the settings under system and security.

How to use the tool and activate time machine

Here are the three steps that have to be practiced by the users, so that you can get the support of the file security. Follow the steps that you will have to follow:

  • Open the file explorer that is needed in this regard, so that you can get the history button. Set it to the category view and find the history button from therein.
  • You can get the view of the specific folder too. The most important part of the tool is the file views. You can get to the files and then find the history button for that, once the option is selected from the control panel. You can get this updated view in the Windows 8, by which you can get access to all the files and folders.
  • You can get the support of the file conversion instantly. The history of the file can be activated easily and that is the basic norms here. You will find the previous versions of the files and can install any one of the updates. You can easily rescue the files from the history button, since the time machine is activated from there.

This is the advanced support in Windows 8 and these features will allow the windows lovers to get the Mac support in the best way. The support is going to provide the exact support that you are looking for. This tool is auto smart and there is no need to get support manually. It will do the thing by itself, and hence there is no need of installing a rescue operation.

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