What are the Steps to Convert EML Files to CSV File Format?

MS Outlook is a very useful email client that helps to share emails across the globe. It supports different formats for working seamlessly and storing the data. However, at times,

you might think of converting one file format to another to improve the accessibility of the files over time. In such a situation, knowing the steps for converting one file format to another becomes important.

One such common conversion is from EML to CSV file format. But before understanding the process of converting these EML files to CSV format, it becomes important to know more about the EML and the CSV files, the reasons which necessitate the conversion and the steps for executing this conversion. Let us explore these heads one by one.

What are EML and CSV file formats?

EML is a basic file format that helps save data in messages, contacts, images, attachments and calendars. In addition, this EML file format stores the data such as the body of the message, the subject, sender’s and receiver’s address. This is one of the most basic extensions for storing textual data.

On the other hand, the CSV file format is akin to that of the EML file format in all respects. Like EML file format, CSV format is also helpful for storing the data and contact information. However, this file format helps transfer the information between the two devices.

Reasons for converting the EML files to CSV

After understanding the basic nature of the files, it becomes clear that the CSV file format is an advanced extension to save the information. It offers better transferability over time. That is why the basic EML files are often converted to CSV files. Here is a list of benefits users may get after converting the EML files to CSV file format.

  • CSV files can access text and Excel sheets simultaneously.
  • It is possible to store the email data directly in those files.
  • CSV file format is readable and easy to understand for the users.
  • CSV files preserve the email structure and chronologically arrange them.
  • CSV files can be effortlessly transferred from one format to another.

Steps to Transfer EML Files to CSV file format

No manual method exists to convert the EML files to CSV file format. However, it is possible to convert the EML files to CSV format with the help of a professional tool. EML Converter is a popular third-party software that will help convert the EML files to the CSV file format hassle-free. This software is compatible with MAC and Windows Operating Systems. This expert tool is helpful to instantly convert the EML files to CSV format. As a result, the EML files can be easily viewed in the Excel sheet.

Benefits of EML Converter
An EML Converter is the one-stop solution for converting EML files to CSV format. Here are some of the additional benefits that the software tends to offer:

  • It comes with an easy interface to work with.
  • It is suitable for beginners.
  • It helps convert the EML files to formats such as PDF, DOC, HTML, MSG, etc.
  • Exporting the EML files to multiple email clients such as Gmail, MS Outlook, and Thunderbird is feasible.
  • It is compatible with every operating system.
  • It constantly updates itself.
  • It helps to prevent data loss.
  • It enhances security and prevents trojan and virus attacks.

After understanding the important benefits of this EML Converter, let’s understand the steps to be undertaken for converting the EML files to CSV file format.

Steps for Converting the EML Files to CSV Format

Here are the steps one needs to note while converting EML files to CSV format using the EML Converter.

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  • Download and install the EML Converter on your device.
  • Upload the EML files to the interface of the tool. Add single or multiple files to the panel and press the Next button.
  • The tool will automatically generate a complete list of EML files and folders. Choose the folder and then click on the Next button.
  • Select the CSV file format from Select Saving Option. Browse the Destination Location to store the converted file.
  • Select the name of the converted file. Click on the Export button.
  • The EML files will be converted to the CSV file format.

These steps are very easy to follow and have to be executed accordingly.


This information makes it possible to convert the files from one form to another. EML Converter Tool is undoubtedly the best solution to this issue. One does not require any expert assistance in this regard. These steps will surely get you through.

Can the EML files be accessed before conversion?
Yes, the files can be accessed easily with the help of this method.

Is it possible to convert more than one file through this method?
Yes, it is possible to convert more than one file through this method.

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