Simple 3 Methods to convert EML to PDF with attachments

EML, also known as the Electronic Mail Format, is developed by MS Outlook to store plain text in messages and emails. It is an easy and readable format for the users.

It is possible to access this data with the help of text editors such as Microsoft Notepad, Notepad++ and even Apple TextEdit. However, such files can be opened through EML-compatible applications. This may hinder the performance at times because not all the software is supportive of this EML format. Therefore, in such a situation, there is a need to convert these EML files into a format supported by multiple clients. One such format is PDF.

Let’s understand the simple steps to convert the EML files to PDF with attachments. But before that, one must understand the important reasons for converting the EML files to PDF.

Reasons for Converting EML to PDF with Attachments

Here are some important reasons for converting the EML to PDF file format.

  • Viewing EML files without an email client is impossible, but PDF files can be readable with any software
  • PDF files can be accessed for free
  • PDF files can be stored and saved on any device
  • PDF files can be protected through a password

After understanding the reasons for converting the EML files to PDF, let’s discuss the methods for making this happen.

Method 1: Convert EML to PDF using Thunderbird

Here are the steps for converting EML files to PDF format using Thunderbird.

  • Run a Thunderbird application on your system.
  • Import the EML files into Thunderbird.
  • Select the folders having the EML files and right-click on them.
  • Go to the ImportExportTools NG option and select Export all Messages in the folder.
  • Change the format to save the file as PDF.
  • Click on Browse to select the location to save the file.
  • Click on OK to save the EML files in the PDF format.

Method 2: Export EML to PDF using MS Outlook

This is yet another method for converting the EML files to PDF format. Here are the steps for this method:

  • Launch MS Outlook on your device
  • Select EML files from your system. Drag and drop these files in MS Outlook. Your email will appear in MS Outlook
  • Click on File. Go to the Print option
  • Select the Microsoft Print to PDF option from the drop menu
  • Tap the print option to save EML email messages as PDFs
  • Choose the location of the file and click on the Save option

Method 3: EML Converter Tool: An Automated way to Convert EML to PDF format

The methods mentioned above are manual. They will undoubtedly help convert the EML files to PDF format, but they can sometimes pose some challenges. These methods are very lengthy and complicated. There is a risk of losing data while following these methods. However, there is one such method which can overcome the limitations of these methods

An EML to PST Converter Tool is the best tool that helps to convert the EML files to PDF format. This tool helps to convert EML to PST and different formats such as PST, MBOX, MSG, MHT, HTML and TEXT. It is a multi-functional tool that helps to export EML files to different email clients such as Gmail. Thunderbird, Yahoo, IMAP and MS Outlook.

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It is only with the help of this tool that the conversion of the EML files to the PDF file format can be carried out hassle-free. This tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices. It minimises the risk of data loss. It helps safeguard the data and protects the EML files from damage and corruption. It is a best EML to PST converter tool to all the issues.


After discussing the different methods to convert the EML files to PDF file formats, the user must decide which method is more feasible for him to try. While the manual methods are easy for beginners, they can sometimes compromise the safety of the EML files. Therefore, the EML Converter is a professional tool to do the needful.


Is the EML Converter tool free?
It is a free tool to convert EML files into different formats.

What are the steps to convert the EML files to PDF format through the EML Converter?
Here are the steps for the same:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Click Browse to select the EML files from your computer.
  • Select the folders you need to convert and click on Next.
  • Change the format to PDF.
  • Click on Convert.

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