How to Export Outlook Account Settings to New Computer?

Export or Backup of Outlook settings are of utmost importance because we don’t have any ready-to-go backups in case of Outlook failure. The failure of Outlook platform is least expected but cannot be ignored at the same time. It could happen due to software anomalies or hardware peculiarity. To remain safe at our side, it is recommended to take backup of the account settings.

To export Outlook account settings there are several ways. Some are quite technical in nature which may require high level of understanding the undergoing process, while some are short enough to run the process smartly. The choice is entirely up to the user, but perfect scoop of backup for account settings is promised by every strategy.

Microsoft provides different utilities to migrate or export the account settings. It includes: Office Save My Settings Wizard, Windows Easy Transfer, and Registry Settings. Their working strategy is as follows:

  • Office Save My Settings Wizard: It was designed specifically to fix the Outlook settings migration issues. The wizard has a property to make the back up of the settings followed by their restoration in the same system. However, it was version specific and cannot turn up in required performance.
  • Recreating Outlook Profiles: Outlook profiles get scrapped when corruption takes place in Outlook platform. Thus, to blast-off the issue it is recommended to take manual restoration process of PST files and other items. Although it is quite time consuming process and requires lot of patience of the user.
  • Windows Easy Transfer: WET or Windows Easy Transfer is used to make backup and migrate the PST files and other account settings to the new system. However, the only limitation with such utility is that it may get the address book broken. Thus, it is not so referred quickly.
  • Registry Settings: It is advised to make use of batch files to export the registry keys. Once done, user can run the task scheduler using Outlook Macro. Paste “REG EXPORT “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\Outlook” “C:\Users\Diane\My Box Files\Outlook-options.reg” /y” and run the task scheduler.

All the resolutions have certain limitations which are usually encountered when used. The professionals who deal with such issues as a part of daily routine often rip off the issues with assistance from third-party tool like PST Repair tool.

The tool is designed to meet the PST related issues without knocking out the file content. During entire process the tool maintains data integrity and Meta data. The tool can be explored without spending a buck by downloading the trial version. Upon satisfactory response, the licensed version can be purchased.