Fix MOV video file not playing issue with quick methods

The Apple product users are the most familiar with MOV files. It is the multimedia file created by Apple and its supported platforms with the help of MPEG-4 codec compression. Apart from a video file, the MOV format can contain audio, timecode, and text-based tracks. Each of these media files can be created with the help of suitable codecs and can be played on ant best video player or a variety of media players based on the Operating System.

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  • VLC Media Player.
  • MS Windows Media Player.
  • Roxio Creator Pro.
  • Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate.


  • Apple QuickTime Player.
  • VLC Media Player.
  • Roxio Toast.
  • Roxio Popcorn.

As the MOV media file is being played on several applications, the users like to watch their videos on such platforms, but sometimes there can be some issues in running the video smoothly. The user may try to open the video, and the player either shows some error or hangs the video. Thankfully, there are suitable solutions to rectify the issue and you can use them one by one.

Before going to apply the solutions, you should look into the reasons behind such issues that why did the error occur.

  1. The media player is not playing the MOV video file.
    When the MOV file is unfinished, then the media application does not find a complete file to run and shows the error like ‘QuickTime can’t open. MOV’. Additionally, the MOV file may be missing other components like a broken or missing header. So, there is no option but to repair the video or download it again.
  2. Bad codec compression issue.
    While compressing a video file, the codec checks each pixel of the large video and compress the identical pixels together. A bad compression process will make the video unplayable in any media player.
  3. Error while recording/downloading/transferring the MOV file.
    When you are adding the MOV video file to your system, then the header is the last part of the video that finishes the process. In case, the video was interrupted due to any power failure, user action, or any other reason, then the video will be unfinished and will not play at all. It can further corrupt the whole video also.
  4. Other related issues.
    Apart from these significant and understandable reasons mentioned above, there can be other minor reasons behind the corruption of the MOV file like bad synchronization, unfinished system updates, running the video on an older version of the media player, etc.

Now, you should look into the best-suited methods to remove the corruption from the MOV file.

Method – 1. Using the latest QuickTime Player.

The latest version of QuickTime can handle the basic synchronization issues and black screen problems. Also, there is a feature called ‘Show Movie Inspector’ which can look for minor fixes in the videos. You should update the QuickTime player to the latest one from the following URL and use it to handle the video.

After downloading the video player and installing it, open it, and go to the Windows tab. Then click Show Movie Inspector.

Method – 2. Repair the MOV file using the VLC player.

You may have used the VLC player multiple times to play the video, but you can use it to run a basic repair to the video also. You can use its feature to convert the video also.

Method – 3. Convert the video to another format.

If your video player is not able to run on any specific player, then you can either use another player to change or convert the format of the video also. A simpler format like FLV, AVI, MP4 is subtler and simpler to run on the Windows platform.

Method – 4. Repair the corrupt MOV video.

A fully corrupt MOV file will no longer work using any manual technique or method. The manual method cannot work deeply and the file will constantly show the error while playing. You should use any professional video repair tool that supports the MOV video format and repair it fully. Sometimes, the professional tool can show the preview of the recovered video before saving it where you can check the quality of the video.

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After recovering the video, you can run the MOV file on any available media player with the same efficiency and without any issue.