Tricks to Fix MP4 Video Error 0xc00d36c4

The error often comes as a hindrance in playing of the MP4 Video Files on your system. It includes an error message which states certain possibilities like video format file is unsupported by the media player on which user is trying to run the video, file extension is not correct or there is corruption in the video files.

Except for these reasons, there are other conditions which can result into some common video error like, conflicts with applications, outdated Graphic Card Drivers, misconfiguration of the external drives network to the system and more. We will be suggesting our users some free manual solutions to face and fix this issue and also the best alternative in case these methods did not help.

We have got a number of native solutions which you can perform as a trial to fix the MP4 Video Error “Oxc00d36c4”. Users should be aware that these free solutions do not guarantee the successful results rather are for personal trials to get rid of the video error. So, it is suggested to make a copy of the affected video files beforehand.

Give these Manual Tricks to Fix MP4 Video Error “0xc00d36c4

Try Running your MP4 Videos with other Media Players

The expected reason behind this video error in MP4 video files is the media player on which you are trying to play the videos is not supportive. Therefore we suggest you to play these videos on other reliable media players like VLC Media Player, MX Player, KMPlayer, QuickTime, Winamp, etc.

You can download and install these media players for free online on your system. Once the installation is completed, just right-click on your Video File and select Open with option. Then choose the installed media player to play the video.

Close Other Simultaneously Running Media Applications

Due to conflicts generation with running of multiple media application and other running software simultaneously, this error can occur which disrupts the videos playing or cause no playing at all.

To know and close the unrequired running applications, you can take help of the Task Manager feature on your system.

  1. Press Ctrl, Alt and Del keys together. Open the Task Manager.
  2. From the list of the programs, select the desired application or program one-by-one, right-click on it and select End Program option.
  3. After closing the unnecessary running applications, close the Task Manager.
  4. Run the video files again to check if error pops up again or not.

Install Codecs and Update Drivers on System

MP4 Videos are unable to play on your system or throws error like “0xc00d36c4” due to missing codecs packs for your media player. You can download and install the required codec pack which is supported by your media player to run the MP4 video files smoothly.

Sometimes, video files do not get correct configuration and updates for functioning which means the Video Card Drivers or Graphics Card Drivers are still outdated. Users can perform the following steps to update the Graphics Card Drivers on their systems.

  1. Search Device Manager on your system.
  2. Once the Device Manager window is opened, look out for Network Adapters category and expand it.
  3. Now, select your installed driver, right-click on it and then select Update Driver Software option.
  4. Follow the instructions. If no updates are available, you can try re-installing the same driver after un-installation.

Move Video Files from External Devices to your System

If you are trying to play videos stored on an external device like USB, Pen Drive, etc. connected to your system, then we advice you go to move or copy these files from the respective external device to your computer system drive location. Check if it works.

Repair MP4 Video Files

One important cause of the MP4 Video Error “0xc00d36c4” is corruption in the video files. Manually you can repair your MP4 files with the help of VLC Media Player settings. Check out these steps.

  1. First change the video file format to .AVI extension.
  2. Start the VLC Media Player. On the top bar, follow on Tools>Preferences.
  3. Move to the Input/Codecs section, go to the Damaged or Incomplete AVI file section and choose Always fix option from the drop-down list.
  4. Finally click on Save.

This manual repair may or may not fix the MP4 Video Error “0xc00d36c4” and an extra video format conversion need can distort the video quality, properties, etc.

To ensure a sure result as the successful repair of the video files without affecting the integrity and quality of the video files, you should try a professional Video Repair tool tool. It shows support to almost all type of video file formats including MP4 video file formats for repair and fix all sort of video file error exclusively. The tool can be used by anyone without any difficulty and proposes a demo version free of cost for users to learn about it. You can get to download the demo version from its site easily. So, now you know that if nothing works which solution to pursue to fix the MP4 Video Error “0XC00D36C4”.

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Ending Up

The MP4 Video Error 0xcc00d36c4 can occur due to multiple odd conditions and insufficient device software. We offered certain manual solutions regarding it along with one manual methods to repair Video Files. Seeking the unreliability of the manual offerings, the persuasion of the mentioned third-party best video repair tool less with all facilities is made important.