Fix Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency Error

Though servers have a lot of space to keep data and it takes a lot of time to fill up that space, there comes a time when the server has done its part. The situation leads to migrating data from one Exchange Server to another which is new and can serve better. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds because sometimes the migration produces an error that says ‘Stalled due to source disk latency’. This error may be overlooked for test data transfers but not for the main Exchange of servers. If the migration doesn’t happen without this error it can lead to corrupt and lost data. This error has multiple causes and they should be known to the user to identify the root of it.

What are the common causes of the error?

  1. As the name suggests “Mailbox export stalled due to source disk latency”, the main reason behind this error is disk performance. If there is a lack in disk performance this error will keep on popping in every Exchange and maybe multiple times in a single Exchange. Usually, the disk drive is unable to process the request of transferring mailbox, and hence the error shows.
  2. There is an option of creating batch migration using migration batch cmdlet. If the process has been left unattended there are chances that the session is timed out and the error occurs.
  3. There is another reason for this error to happen when the source response time is higher than expected. The delay in migration of the mailbox also leads to the occurrence of this error.

Fix error “Mailbox Export Stalled Due to Source Disk Latency”

Fortunately, there is more than one way to combat this error and fix it. Although these methods to solve the issue are quite simple and easy to understand, it is preferred that the user has some basic knowledge to have a better understanding of the situation. Here are the methods to fix the error:

  1. Use server performance monitor: The user may be able to find the root cause in the server performance monitor that will help in correcting the error. The first thing to do is to use the run command to check the performance monitor. The next step involves a combination of two steps; write ‘perfmon’ n the dialog box that appeared and then press ‘OK. The user may also check the MS Exchange server parameter.
    1. Use server performance monitor
  2. Analyzing the disk performance: We have already established that the disk performance is quite a common cause for this error to occur. Hence it’s important to analyze the disk performance to fix the error.
    While migrating the mailbox, various operations happen at the same time as part of the migration process. This is when the disk performance is mattered the most since it can hinder the migration and cause this error. Disk Management Software can be used to check local drive and its condition, other drivers, and installations to keep an analyzed measure for the disk to perform better.
    2. Analyzing the disk performance
  3. Previous Mailbox Export Process should be discarded: There may be incomplete export requests that are not discarded which may lead to generating the error ‘Stalled due to Latency’. So, there are two options in this case for the users; either terminates the previous export process or pause it for some time and let the current process finish first. It will give enough space for the migration to happen. There are a few commands that can be used to delete or discard the previous Exchange.
    • Remove-MoveRequest –Identity “mailbox address”New-MoveRequest –Identity “mailbox address” –BatchName “Existing Database to New Database Name” –Priority Highest
    • Suspend-MoveRequest -Identity “mailbox address”
    • Then resume the mailbox export using “Resume-MoveRequest -Identity “mailbox address”.

    This solution is tricky since it needs more technical knowledge and not everyone can perform it.

  4. EDB to PST converter tool: It is highly recommended as part of the Exchange Server process to convert EDB files into PST format. It can be done using an efficient and powerful converter tool such as Stellar, Systools, Kernel, and Aryson, etc. This method is a very effective and fast way to solve this error. Using, EDB to PST converter you can extract PST from EDB file with all email attachments and migrate the Exchange server data to Outlook PST files. This helps in fixing the issue.

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The Exchange Servers have their time and age and after that, they are needed to be migrated into a new server for better work. Migration may lead to the generation of the error “Mailbox Export Stalled due to Source Disk Latency”. It can be solved easily using one of the methods mentioned above though the last method is fast and effective.

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