5 Best OST Recovery Tools in 2023 to Recover OST Files

MS Outlook is a strategic tool used to send and receive emails. It has become an indispensable tool in the professional workplace. It primarily supports the Offline Storage

Table format, the OST files. These OST files help store the entire data within their domain. They keep a record of the data files in MS Outlook and include the files such as emails, calendars, attachments, event planners and other files. These files can store the data in an offline format as well. So therefore, even when the Exchange server is down, MS Outlook can also enable the users to access the data with each. This information is automatically retrieved when the connection is established once again. 

However, these files are very organic and often prone to different attacks. Various malware attacks and trojan attacks can impact the credibility of the files. These files have to be repaired, and there are various methods to retrieve the files. One of the easiest and the most relied-on solutions to get these files back is to use Exchange OST recovery tools. These tools are automatic and very easy to operate. They help repair the files instantly, and there is no data loss in the recovery process. 

What are the 5 Best OST Recovery Software

Let us explore some of the most famous OST recoveries which are very useful for the users in the first place:

1- Stellar OST recovery software

This is one of the most important OST recovery software. Millions of users use it. It is very easy to operate. The users trust it because it affects data credibility during the recovery process. This tool helps to repair OST file of every size and form. Therefore, be it attachments, calendars, emails, contacts or even advertisements, this tool helps recover everything. 

The key features of this tool have been given in the following way:

  • This tool is very professional and can help to repair the most damaged files
  • It can be used to repair any form of a file, irrespective of the size
  • It helps to repair the files generated by every Outlook version so far.
  • It shows a preview of the entire recovery process for the ease of the user.

2- SysTools OST Recovery

This is also a very significant OST recovery tool. It is very advanced and helps fix corrupt files easily without damaging the data stored in them. The tool has been able to operate offline as well. All the changes are restored when the connection is restored. The tool is very advanced and is often used to handle a huge amount of data in a single go.

There are different unique features which are incorporated into the tool. The same has been given in the following way:

  • It comes with an advanced scan option that helps to completely repair the files
  • It helps to extract the OST files from the PST files and other formats supported by MS Outlook.
  • This tool helps to repair all the files which contain contacts, tasks, emails and journals.
  • The users can also get a scanned copy of the file for the future reference
  • It is compatible with any version that supports 512 MB of RAM

3- Kernel OST Recovery tool

This is the recovery tool that is known to offer open-ended solutions to users so far. This tool is useful for retrieving all the data. This tool can work with any version of Microsoft windows. It helps to promote data access on different devices. This software can be easily installed and operated by the users.
The important features of this software have been given in the following way:

  • It works well to maintain the original meta files
  • It allows keeping the original file intact even after the same has been converted to another file format
  • The software can export the OST files to platforms such as Exchange and Gmail.

4- KDE Tools OST recovery tool

If you are looking for a professional and secure OST recovery tool, nothing can be better than KDE Tools OST recovery software. It is highly encrypted and helps to repair damaged files very easily. This tool is compatible with almost every version of Outlook. The tool can be protected with the help of a password. It can be easily used to recover files from Windows and MS Exchange and different versions of MS Outlook. 

The salient features of this tool have been enumerated in the following way:

  • It allows the users to filter the files according to their specific needs.
  • It helps to repair the entire data together
  • It can convert files from OST format to any other.

5- MailsDaddy OST recovery tool

This is yet another Exchange OST recovery tool which comes loaded with many features. This tool allows the users to accurately repair the OST files without reporting any distortion. It comes with many different functions and features. It keeps the data protected during the recovery process. This data can be stored in various file formats using this tool. It helps to offer tailor-made solutions to users very easily.

The most important features of the tool have been given in the following way:

  • This tool supports multiple file formats
  • It can be customized according to the specifications of the user.
  • The users can be allowed to restore the original file even after repairing the same.
  • The tool allows users to view their emails along with their attachments.
  • It can support almost every file format, such as PST, HTML, MSG and RTF.


Therefore, it could be concluded that the users can select the Exchange OST recovery software they want according to their needs and requirements. These tools are very beneficial and are used by many people worldwide. These tools have made it easier to protect and recover important data that otherwise might get lost due to such conversions.

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