Top 7 Popular New Features of Excel 2019 for Windows

Microsoft has launched Excel 2016 with improvised features for which users were waiting for. The newly added advanced features are paragon to the upcoming features in Excel tool which are planned for the future.

The top 7 popular features of MS excel are as follows

  1. Advanced Enhancements in Database: The enhancements like Power Pivot and Power Query are made more powerful than prior versions of Excel. Here user can find options for Data Model, Pivot Table, One-click forecasting and one-button workbook sharing through Power BI for making interactive reports.
  2. New Templates: The new version of Excel comes with new templates with hands-on exercise that guides the user about their working. For example, the Cash flow template encourages user to manage the cash flow. It manages the cash flow year wise.
  3. Power Maps/3D: The power maps were included in prior versions of Excel in add-ons, but this time they have been included in core menu of Excel 2016. Certain data such as Temperature, Rainfall and population can be viewed in 3-D. Using these data the video tours can be created. To know more, download the Excel 2016.
  4. Real-time Collaboration and Sharing: With this feature user can share ideas, data, queries, report and other much more. The real-time collaboration allows saving the content in cloud-platform like OneDrive, SharePoint and other online location. Once saved, the document reappears in the same screen. In Invite People field, user can select the colleagues from address book to share.
  5. Smart Lookup Feature: This feature makes user to feel about high speed internet. It comprises knowledge store from different resources like Wikipedia, Oxford dictionary, Bing Snapshot and Bing Image. The inbuilt ‘Insight’ panel displays the related information on the subject on which cursor is placed.
  6. Binary Attendant: Located at the extreme right location with light bulb as signatory mark, it says, “Tell me what you want to do.” With it you can ask, command or select recently used queries. Definitely you cannot order groceries with it.
  7. Turning Handwritten Equations into Digital: This feature conveniently converts handwritten equations into the text form. It perfectly works with the documents or wherever needed. User can use mouse, digital pen to write such equations.

These features were always desired ones for the new generation users for last few decades. Thus, Microsoft has come up with more improved features in the form of MS Excel 2016.

These advanced features in Excel 2016 and other versions are useful only until your data file is healthy and accessible, otherwise you cannot just open the file to make use of these features advantages. There are many reasons for Excel file’s corruption including abrupt system shutdown when file was in use, fluctuating power supply, malicious links, virus intrusions, etc. In that case, relying on manual solutions is not the wise deed. One requires taking aid from such a third-party solution here that holds capability to provide quickest and efficient Excel file repair without altering its original structure and properties. It should support all Excel version files widely and integrates simple user-interface.

To know more about the tool completely and want to experience it, just download the trial version of this majestic Excel Repair tool.

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  1. This article really helped me to understand new features in MS Excel. After utilizing these features my day to day tasks in Excel are very smooth. So, thank you much for sharing this informational article.

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