2 Methods to Convert OLM to MBOX File

OLM data file that stores the data for Outlook for Mac helps in connecting users to the Exchange server. The issue with the OLM file is that it is not supported

by other email clients such as Thunderbird or Apple Mail. This issue has led users to think about workarounds to ease their professional work and have access to the data whenever they require it. MBOX on the other hand is a known email file format that is supported by other email clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, etc. Hence, the MBOX is a format for the OLM files to be converted to make it easier for the users.

Why do we need to convert OLM to MBOX?

There are many benefits to the MBOX file format that the users prefer over many other formats including the PLM files. Apart from the common reason that MBOX is a common configuration that is supported by other email clients, here are some reasons to convert OLM to MBOX:

  • MBOX files are easy to use.
  • Due to the user-friendly graphic interface of the MBOX, it is easier for users to read and view the files.
  • MBOX has more users than Outlook for Mac which is why it can be shared with others.

How to convert OLM files to MBOX?

While there are professional tools to achieve the task in an easy manner, we will first discuss the manual methods to provide as many options for the users as we can.

Manual Method: Convert OLM to MBOX using the built-in option

Outlook has a built-in Import/ Export option that can be used to transfer files from Outlook to other email clients. Here are the steps to get the task done:

  1. Open your Outlook application on Mac. Click on the Tools button.
  2. In the next step click on the Import option from the list.
  3. There will appear a window. Click on the Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) before clicking on the Continue button.
  4. Locate the OLM file in the system where you have stores and then click on the Import button.
  5. You will be able to see the imported files under the On My Computer option.
  6. You can now drag and drop the files from the Mail tab to the desktop.
  7. Hence, you get your MBOX file ready to use however you like.

Professional method: Using third-party tools

The manual method is tiring and not so helpful every time you face a problem. Therefore, we encourage our users to look beyond the conventional manual methods if they are not of any help. There are many professional third-party tools available such as the OLM to PST converter tool to convert OLM to MBOX file. In some cases, the OLM file is not directly converted into the MBOX file. In such cases, you need to first export the files into PST format and then use PST to MBOX converter. These tools are easy to use and readily available on the internet and there are not many disadvantages to using them.

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OLM file format is a restricted format that is not helpful for users when they try to access their files outside of their Mac system. Converting OLM to MBOX file is an easy and safe option as it is a common user-friendly format that can be accessed by many email clients. For the user’s better experience files should be converted to the MBOX using the manual method or any third-party tool as per the user’s convenience. 

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