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OLM to PST Converter aids in the safest data file conversion from Outlook for Mac OLM files to PST file. The advanced user interface of the tool keeps the original structure, properties, and hierarchy of mailbox intact and exports OLM file data to Office 365, PDF, HTML, and RTF directly.

  • Converts OLM emails, tasks, contacts, appointments, journals, events, etc
  • Clear and wide preview for content in all OLM mailbox items
  • Automatic search for OLM files stored on the system location

Key Features of Stellar OLM to PST Converter

Converts Entire OLM File Securely
Converts Entire OLM File Securely

For users willing to move from Mac to Windows, Stellar OLM to PST converter converts OLM data to PST in a smooth and quick manner. It moves every item from OLM mailbox comprising of emails, contacts, appointments, attachments, hyperlinks, tasks, calendar, etc.

Preview of OLM File Items
Preview of OLM File Items

To confirm the full recovery of each OLM file item, there is a preview facility that lets you check the content emails, calendar, appointments, contacts, notes, and other piece of information. It’s a three pane window where the left pane shows the file name and whole folder hierarchy. The middle pane will show the content like any other email client preview. The right-most pane shows the details of selected mail items clearly.

Searches OLM File Automatically
Searches OLM File Automatically

To select the OLM files for conversion, you can use either Browse or Find options. The Find option is helpful when you do not know the correct location of OLM files and the tool will run a scan and select all the OLM files from the select folder or drive.

Converts Multiple OLM Mailboxes
Converts Multiple OLM Mailboxes

Stellar OLM to PST Converter is powerful enough to convert multiple mailboxes within the same OLM file to PST formats. The size of OLM file due to multiple mailboxes is not an issue for this reliable and robust software.

Converts OLM to New or Existing PST
Converts OLM to New or Existing PST

The converted OLM file data, either selective or all can be saved to the Outlook PST files. There are two saving options for the PST file, either users can save the converted OLM data to existing PST file by providing its path location or to the new PST file on system.

Convert OLM to Office 365
Convert OLM to Office 365

It is the valuable feature of the OLM to PST Converter software. The software supports direct movement of OLM mailboxes data to the cloud, Office 365 mailboxes. No, extra requirements are needed other than the global administrator credentials for conversion.

Generates and Save Log Reports
Generates and Save Log Reports

For every performed conversion through Stellar OLM to PST Converter, it generates a log report which includes the complete details of the data converted along with the error information (if any). After the conversion is completed, click Log report option to generate a file and then save it on system.

Multiple Saving Formats
Multiple Saving Formats

There is a privilege for users to move the Outlook for Mac OLM emails to other email services formats as well such as RTF, EML, HTML and PDF formats. These formats are ready to be accessed by the users with the respective applications on system.

Smart and Simple GUI
Smart and Simple GUI

The Graphic User Interface of OLM to PST converter tool is quite user-friendly which makes it a handy tool for the novice users. All the features and icons are clearly visible and descriptive in nature. The smartly-arranged procedure steps make it easy and quick to operate the tool.

Benefits of Stellar OLM to PST Converter

  • Supports all versions of Outlook for Mac & Microsoft Outlook
  • ‘Update Wizard’ for live updates
  • Finds and Lists all OLM Files
  • View & Save Log Report
  • Free trial version shows preview of the converted emails

Software Walkthrough

Software Specifications

Stellar OLM to PST specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:

About Product
Single System
Standard & Technician
Release Date:
May, 2020
System Requirement
Pentium Class
2 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
Hard Disk:
250 MB for installation
Operating System:
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Whats new:

Stelar converter for OLM file is one of the best option to convert MAC OLM file to Outlook PST file format.

  • Maintains the mailbox integrity
  • Supports all MAC Outlook and Windows Outlook
  • Free trial software shows preview without To, CC & Bcc

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this software works on Mac environment also?

No, Stellar OLM to PST Conversion software only works on the Windows environment and does not support the Mac environment.

What is the maximum size of OLM file that we can convert through this tool?

The tool imposes no restrictions over the file size for performing the conversion process. All sizes OLM files are permissible.

Can I perform repair on corrupt or inaccessible OLM files before conversion?

No. The software is programmed only to work with healthy OLM files for conversion to PST and other formats.

Please tell me if any permissions are required to move OLM file data to Office 365.

No. To move the OLM mailboxes to Office 365 mailboxes, only administrative login credentials for the Office 365 is needed.

Can I move my old OLM files to the latest Outlook 2019 existing PST file?

Yes, for sure. Any old or new version of Outlook for Mac OLM files is convertible to the PST format which is in UNICODE format. There is provision to move the converted data to the existing PST file of any Outlook version.

Is the conversion secured and will not data get miss out during the conversion process?

Yes, the conversion is completely secured and to check if the data is well converted, you can view the scanned OLM file data and the Preview option to view the detailed content.

What are the options to save multiple OLM mailboxes?

The software allows user to save multiple mailboxes in OLM file to either individual PST files or all mailboxes data to a single PST file. Users can make any choice.

Stellar OLM to PST Converter: Compare Editions

OLM to PST Converter
Instant Delivery By Email
SOHO License $79  $39  Offer till This Week - Save $40 Buy Now Technician License $199 $99 Offer till This Week - Save $100 Buy Now
Common features
License Validity One Year One Year
Intallation and Usage Single system Multiple system
Free Technical Support yes yes
Key features
Convert OLM Files to PST, EML or MSG format yes yes
Preview of Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes before saving yes yes
Multiple saving options - Office 365, PDF RTF, & HTML yes
  $39Buy Now $99Buy Now

What Clients are Saying


Thank you Stellar. I had searched for the method which is best suited to perform migration of Outlook from Mac to Windows and found this professional tool. It helped me in effortlessly migrating all my Outlook mails from Mac to Windows. The conversion time was very quick and results produced are totally reliable.

rating5Leslie Dillon

I would suggest everyone who is searching for a professional Stellar OLM to PST tool for migrating from Outlook Mac to Outlook Windows to buy the tool. Features of this tool are very amazing. Team has delivered best software which delivers all what had been written about it. Recommend it to everyone. Superb tool!

rating5Neal Cotton

When I was looking for tools performing OLM to PST conversion in order to migrate from Outlook Mac to Windows, I came across this amazing tool. It has innumerable features. Loved the way it supports multiple formats saving option as I personally need to directly access my files at times. Thank you support team and you guys are developing extremely good Convert OLM to PST software. Hats off!

rating5Keegan Holman
Stellar OLM to PST Converter

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