Way to Import Outlook for Mac OLM to Lotus Notes

Outlook and IBM/Lotus Notes are two of the most used email clients throughout the world. Although Lotus Notes has fewer features as compared to Outlook for Mac,

people have preferred Notes over Outlook because it is more affordable. It helps send/receive emails and appointment scheduling, and it is also a very secure, safe, and trustworthy email client. Therefore, people rely on the good features of Notes and prefer to import Outlook for Mac OLM to Lotus Notes or IBM. Though it is not as easy or user-friendly, Lotus Notes can be performing exceedingly well once you are familiar with it.

Comparison between Mac Outlook and IBM/HCL Notes

There are many points of difference between Outlook for Mac and IBM/Lotus Notes that divide their users into huge segments. Here are some differences that can be seen as the major divider of the users.
File type- Lotus Notes use a .nsf file extension to store this data, emails, appointments, documents, and other supporting information. So it can be used by Windows, Mac, and Linux systems in the same extension. Outlook for Mac stores the data in OLM files that cannot be used by Outlook for Windows without converting them first. 
Security- Lotus Notes is focused on high security for its data and user information. Therefore, it doesn’t allow multiple applications to intersect with its interface. On the other hand, Outlook for Mac allows multiple applications and it can sometimes complicate the function of working.
Both Lotus Notes and Mac Outlook have unique structures and yet work in the direction of giving the best experience to their users. Outlook has focused its identity on being the most user-friendly email client and Lotus Notes is focused on being the most secure one. However, both users have to encounter at some stage a user from the other email server client. This brings them to convert their extension files to others for using them.

How to import Outlook for Mac OLM to Lotus Notes or IBM?

The trend has seen that more people are shifting to the Outlook email client from IBM/Lotus Notes for whatever reasons. So there are no direct methods or workaround that can import Outlook for Mac OLM to Lotus Notes or IBM. To do so you need to download a professional third-party best OLM to PST converter tool. There are many tools available in the market such as OLM converter, Mac OLM to Lotus Notes converter, etc.
Third-party tools have multiple features that not only convert the OLM files to NSF extension but also provide advantages to the user for ease of work. You will be able to have a secure and mechanized way of converting the files. Few of these tools can convert them back to OLM files if need be. Therefore, we encourage users to use third-party tools to import Outlook for Mac OLM to Lotus Notes or IBM.

Wrapping it up

Outlook and Notes both have provided amazing features to their users and tried to be the best version for the user experience. However, many users are shifting to Outlook from Lotus Notes and due to this trend, there is no direct workaround to import Outlook for Mac OLM to Lotus Notes or IBM. Though, you can use professional tools such as OLM to PST Converter that will help you with the conversion. Most of these tools are safe and secure so you won’t need to worry about losing data.

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