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OLM file is used to store data from Outlook for Mac and is easy to transfer files. In addition to storing Outlook folders including emails, calendars, contacts, and journals,

an OLM file also stores archived messages for the user. However, as time passes the OLM file folders can get full and the user might not be able to share that data anymore. In this difficult situation, there is only one option for the user, to split OLM file. The OLM file can get split by size, date, and folder but splitting by size has its advantages. 

What are the reasons to split OLM file?

There can be many reasons for splitting OLM file into different files. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • It is imperative to split OLM file into different files as Outlook for Mac has a folder size limit of 2GB. The file may not be exported as it increases this size.
  • Outlook for Mac slows down in performance as the folder size increases.
  • There are more chances of corruption of files if the folders are not split.
  • The chances of data getting deleted or lost are more in a single OLM file as compared to having more files to save the data.
  • The corruption issues are easy to solve if there are different OLM files.

Easy methods to split OLM files by size for Mac Outlook user

The easiest method to split OLM file without any hassle is to use third-party tools that can get the splitting done faster and with the preference of doing it by size, date, and folders. Unfortunately, there are no manual methods to split the file. But there is, however, a workaround suggested by the experts that might be useful for users who prefer manual solutions over professional third-party tools. There is a drawback to the manual method as it only divides the data into different folders and categories such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. But the users who would like to try it still can follow the steps as suggested.

Manual method

  • For the manual solution, the user will create a new Mac Outlook profile by locating the Applications button and using right-click, choose the option Show Package Contents.
  • In the Content folder, you will find the Shared Support option. Now click on Outlook Profile Manager.
  • Click on Create a New Profile option.
  • So now the profile is created. You can import the oversized OLM file into this new profile and then use the Export option to divide it into different categories such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc.

Using third-party tools

Third-party tools are the best and easiest way to split OLM files by size. They are created to solve this issue to ease the work for the users. The manual workaround is not reliable and the result might not be what the users expect. Therefore, we recommend our users go for third-party professional tools such as the Mac OLM to PSTtool. The folder size is not an issue as these tools provide more than 2 GB as compared to Outlook for Mac.

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Wrapping up

Splitting OLM files is a necessary step for Outlook for Mac users especially after the data size is crossed by 2 GB. The easiest and most convenient way to split OLM file by size are to use third-party tools. There is a manual workaround but that might not give you the result you were expecting to be.

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