Import EML to Apple Mail: Know best 2 free ways

EML is a common file format used for storing data in MS Outlook. It helps to preserve the original HTML formatting. It is a helpful file format for storing data in plain text format. However, EML files

are not compatible with every email client. This file format is known for its limitations. It must be converted into any other file format to access across other platforms. So if you are looking forward to viewing EML files in Apple Mail, then you need to convert EML files to MBOX files or import these EML files into Apple Mail. Let us explore the reasons for importing EML files into Apple Mail and the common solutions to make this happen.

Reasons for Importing EML Files to Apple Mail

A user can import the EML Files to Apple Mail for multiple reasons. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Sometimes, opening and viewing the EML files in the email client becomes difficult. That is why the EML files are converted into different file formats.
  • Mac Mail is in a position to manage the emails in a better way as compared to other email clients. This is one of the most important reasons EML files are imported from Windows Live Mail and MS Outlook to Mac Mail.
  • Whenever users switch from their Windows device to an Apple one, it becomes necessary for them to import their EML files to Apple Mail.

After understanding the reasons behind importing these EML files to Apple Mail, let’s explore the common methods to do the needful. There are probably two types of methods for importing the EML files to Apple Mail: Manual and Automated.

Method 1: Manual Method to Import EML Files to Apple Mail

Here are the steps to manually import the EML files to Apple Mail hassle-free.

  • Switch to the Mac Device.
  • Select the EML files stored on the Windows operating system.
  • Copy these EML files into the Apple MAC.
  • Select these files and move them to the Apple Mail. Users can drag and drop these emails one by one or even together.

This will import all the EML files to Apple Mail.

Limitations of the Manual Method
While the above-mentioned manual method is very easy to execute, it does not promise 100% results. This method may not be successful every time. This method may pose several issues while importing the EML files to Mac Mail. Here are the following limitations which the users may encounter while relying on this method:

  • It is a time-consuming and lengthy process. The performance is likely to become very slow over time.
  • The process has to be followed very carefully. Even a single mistake in following the sequence of steps can result in data loss. It can also lead to file corruption and damage.
  • It is practically impossible to attach multiple mailboxes at the same time while transferring email messages. This can complicate the matter even further.

Since the manual method cannot be relied on every time, it becomes essential to look for another automated method which has the potential to overcome the shortcomings of the manual method. Here is yet another solution for this error.

Method 2: Install EML Converter-The Easiest Solution

This is a professional best EML to PST Converter third-party tool. Importing the EML files to Apple Mail is the best way. It helps to convert the EML files to the MBOX file format. This tool is very easy to use and can be easily run by beginners. Let’s explore why users must rely on this tool for importing EML files to Apple Mail.

Download Now

  • EML Converter Tool is a helpful tool that helps to convert EML files to different formats, such as MBOX.
  • It helps to upload the data across Apple Mail.
  • It is feasible to convert single and multiple EML files to MBOX, PST., MSG, TIFF, PDF and even DOC.
  • It supports multiple email clients such as Thunderbird, Gmail, AOL, IMAP, Zoho Mail and Hotmail.
  • This is the only software that helps to convert EML files into more than 15 formats.
  • It is compatible with almost every version of Windows.
  • It comes with an easy user interface.
  • This software also works well with every version of MS Outlook.


After discussing two methods to import the EML files to Apple Mail, it now depends on the user which method he will opt for. Both of these methods are equally beneficial. However, in some cases, the users may find it impossible to import the EML files to Apple Mail using the manual method. In such a situation, the EML Converter would be the best solution to rely on.

What are the different email clients wherein the EML files can be imported using EML Converter?
The different email clients for data import include Gmail, Office 365, IMAP, Thunderbird, AOL and MS Outlook.

What are the steps to use the software?
Install the software, and after that, browse the EML file you want to import to Apple Mail. Change the saving format to MBOX and choose the location to save the new file. Click on the save, and the file will be imported.

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