2 Methods to Import EML Files to Gmail

When saving the mailbox data, there couldn’t be a better format than EML. EML files are known for storing all the email contents in a single unit.

EML files are very simple to use. They are also known for saving the information in a textual format. It is a common file format that goes well with Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and many others. While these EML files are compatible with all the popular email clients, importing these files to your Gmail account might be an issue. But there is nothing to worry about. Here are some popular ways to help you import these EML files to Gmail hassle-free.

But before that, let us know some popular reasons why you may think of importing these EML files to Gmail.

Reasons for Importing EML Files to Gmail

There are many reasons for importing EML files to Gmail. These reasons are as follows:

  • Gmail is an efficient email client with many new features.
  • EML files are protected in Gmail and do not face the risk of any damage or corruption.
  • Gmail comes with high-security measures for the protection of data.
  • EML files cannot be accessed easily without an operational email client.

Now that we know the importance of importing EML files to Gmail, here are some easy ways.

Methods to Import EML Files to Gmail

There are many methods to import EML files to Gmail. Let us explore them one by one:

Manual Method

Importing the EML files through this method is quite feasible for beginners. All that requires is to take the support of an email client that supports EML file format such as Windows Live Mail. It is a safe, secure and reliable method. However, this process will be executed in two steps. Here are the details of the method.

Step 1: Import EML files to Windows Live Mail

Importing EML files to Windows Live Mail is the first thing one needs to do while relying on the manual method. Follow the steps for executing this better:

  • Launch the Windows Live Mail application in your system. Select the File tab.
  • Click on Import Messages. Go to Windows Live Mail.
  • Click on Browse to find the location of the files, and click on Next.
  • Select any file or folder you wish to import to Windows Live Mail.
  • Click on Next.
  • This will kickstart the importing process.

Step 2: Configure Gmail Account in Windows Live Mail

This is the second part of the process. Here are the steps for the same:

  • Go to the Accounts tab and select Email.
  • Enter the required credentials.
  • Go to Configure server settings. Enter all the details and click on Next.
  • A confirmation window will appear. Click on Finish. Your Gmail account will appear in the Windows Live Mail.
  • You can use the drag-and-drop features to transfer the files. This will transfer all your EML files to your Gmail account.

Limitations of the manual method

While many people continue to rely on this method repeatedly, it has its limitations, making it a less attractive option to follow. Some of the common problems that users face while executing this method are given as follows:

  • Windows Live Mail is no longer available. It has ended up becoming a redundant email client.
  • One needs to be very particular about the settings and the details.
  • The method is not suitable for transferring multiple EML files.
  • It involves many technicalities, which may make it cumbersome for users.

After knowing these limitations, there comes a need to do something about this. Hence, one may prefer to switch to a professional solution to successfully import the EML files to Gmail hassle-free. Let us explore a best EML to PST tool that can effectively import EML files to Gmail.

Professional Method: EML Converter Tool

An EML Converter Tool is the best way to import the EML files to Gmail. It is an easy tool that is apt for beginners. It enables the users to migrate these EML files from different sources and then transfer them across multiple email clients. It allows the users to convert EML files in different formats such as PST, MBOX, PDF, DOC and HTML. It comes with its free demo version that allows the users to make 10 EML conversions free of cost. It protects your EML files during conversions and minimizes the risk of data loss. This tool is a secure way to convert your data from one form to another. The converted EML files can be easily accessed on multiple platforms like Gmail.

Download Now

Some best features of this tool are given as follows:

  • It is very secure and minimizes the risk of data loss while importing files.
  • The tool guides the beginners step by step during the process.
  • It helps you to maintain the file structure during the process of conversion.
  • It helps to import bulk files in one go.

Steps to Import EML files to Gmail using EML Converter Tool

Here are the steps to import the EML files to Gmail with this automated method.

  • Download and launch the EML Converter Tool.
  • Go to Open and then select EML files. Click on Choose Folders.
  • Select the folder which contains the EML files.
  • Click on Export and then choose Gmail. Enter the Gmail credentials.
  • Click on Save. The export process will begin.


After knowing both methods, it is definitely upon the users which method they want to go ahead with. While manual methods may be complicated, the EML Converter Tool is the one-stop solution for importing EML files to Gmail. Therefore, here comes the need to opt for the latter to overcome the limitations of the previous method. This will easily get your EML files to Gmail.


Is the EML Converter Tool compatible with every version of Windows?
Yes, the EML Converter tool is compatible with every version of Windows.

Does the EML Converter Tool protect the data from malware attacks?
Yes, the tool also helps protect the data from malware attacks.

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