5 Tips to Manage Multiple Outlook Email Accounts

Microsoft Outlook is undoubtedly the most popular and in demand email client globally. This is because of the associated advantages, level of security, flexible options, manage multiple Outlook email accounts and account configuration facilities. Its hierarchical mailbox structure, folders like Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, etc. is everything a user needs to communicate within and outside the organization. The standard application is easy to work with and comes as an integrated application within the Microsoft Office Suite, thus need not to purchase individually.

Talking about the multiple accounts configuration service provided by the Outlook application, it is the most applauded one for users as it allows them accessing mailboxes of accounts stored on Cloud platforms or servers on the desktop itself. Outlook user can easily configure Office 365, Exchange Server, Gmail, or other IMAP or POP3 accounts in it to access, view and modify emails from one place without even the need to open the application separately.

In the File menu of the Outlook application, users can click the Add account option and use the login credentials of the specific account to configure it with the application successfully. Manage multiple Outlook email accounts of different sources can be added and used in the Outlook application.

Roadblocks in Using Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook

  • Email searching is not easy as the respective email client account needs to be set as default to search for emails within it
  • Managing calendar events using emails from multiple email accounts is a tough task
  • Messiness and inability to find new messages from an account unless it is set as default
  • Confusion is selecting email address while sending or replying to a particular email
  • Outlook add-ins or plug-ins cannot be used efficiently while using multiple configured email accounts

The mentioned challenges cannot be ignored and chase user to work hard for managing the multiple email accounts configured in the Outlook application. To deal with this, we have provided some beneficial tips and tricks for users who are willing to manage multiple Outlook email accounts without need to face hard challenges.
Useful Tips to Manage Multiple Email Accounts in Outlook (5 descriptive points)

  • Organizing Inbox Folder of Each Account

    It is an important step to organize Inbox folder of every configured account in Outlook to get quick information about new emails and where there is a need to forward emails to other email addresses. By right-clicking on the email addresses of the configured accounts in the application, users can select the “New folder” option to create a new folder anytime to manage special emails within it creating a smart organization of emails within multiple email accounts.

  • Managing Email Forwarding in Outlook

    Outlook Rules can be used to forward incoming messages to an email address to a specified email address automatically. While setting the rule, the settings like “Do the Following” and “Forward the messages to” can be used to perform the same. Otherwise, it can be done manually as well by entering the email address of the specific account manually.

  • Setting one account as the default one

    If you want to set one account of all the configured ones as the default one, follow these steps.

    1. Go to File>Info>Account Settings>Account Settings in the Microsoft Outlook application.
    2. The Account Settings page will be opened.
    3. Here, click on the Emails tab, select the email account address name from the list and then click Set as default option to set it as the default account in the Outlook application.
    4. Click the Close option.
  • Sending email from the non-default account

    It is important to know the way to send email address from the non-default account as well as this situation will come frequently to the user who is working with multiple accounts.

    User is just required to click on the Account option on the header of the “New email” page, and select the particular configured non-default email address from the drop-down list to which you want to send the email.

    Note: A user cannot be respond to a certain message with the different email address than on which the email is received. He needs to copy the contents of the email to the new email page and then reply on the same at the below from the desired email address.

  • Check emails on different accounts frequently

    To ignore missing out the crucial emails in a pool of multiple accounts, it is optimal to increase the practice of looking on emails for each account while deleting the unimportant ones to decrease the size of the Inboxes widely.

  • Use Outlook options like Flagging, Color Category, etc.

    Outlook includes certain options to sort out important emails using the Flag mark, read/unread, and categorize emails based on their nature with the color marking which can be useful for managing different emails within the different email accounts configured in the Outlook application.

So, it is all in the hands of the Outlook user to choose his steps wisely in direction to manage multiple Outlook email accounts. So, good luck for it.

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Final Words

Managing multiple accounts in Outlook application after configuration is a big deal. Surpassing the linked challenges to users working with multiple accounts in Outlook, we have discussed some most useful tips to bring ease of work and data security in the same situation.