Free Methods to Convert Mac OLM to PST File

Let us start with the OLM file; it is the database file for Outlook for Mac email client. This email client on works on Mac environment only and is similar to Outlook on Windows environment. PST file on the other hand is the database file for Outlook on Windows. Both contain mailboxes, folders and its items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. but there are more limitations on the Mac application such as no synchronization of contacts groups with Exchange Server, no calendar information sharing, no To-do tasks creation, no preview facility of attachment email messages, no access to Office 365 groups, no saving in HTML or TXT format, lack of email features no standard protocols like SMTP, HTTP, EAS, etc.

So, it is pretty obvious that one cannot access OLM files directly in Outlook installed on Windows environment. It must be converted to PST format first. And the common reasons or scenarios responsible for this OLM to PST conversion are listed here:

  • Unavailability of Mac environment or temporary work on Windows environment.
  • Organization permanently shifting to Windows environment.
  • For increasing wide portability of email data (as Windows environment is widely used).
  • Shared or found orphaned OLM files on system and need to access its data
  • Companies mergers and acquisitions leading to follow Windows environment for work
  • Need to use the Windows environment for temporary time

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Having learnt the needs for OLM to PST conversion, now we can move to the process for the conversion which can be either free or automated solution. In this blog, we would be giving the whole explanation of the free process of OLM to PST conversion to the readers.

Free OLM to PST Conversion Method

The process to convert OLM to PST is absolutely free but takes some time and efforts for completion. It asks for some technical skills in users to perform multiple-stage steps in conversion. The basic idea behind the free conversion is creating an IMAP account by Gmail account and then configuring it in Outlook for Mac email. After which with help of created label in Gmail, transferring OLM mails to IMAP mailbox which can later on be configured to Outlook on Windows.

To get a more clear picture of what the actual process is and how to perform the steps sequentially, let us see the steps to perform OLM to PST conversion free.

Steps to perform Outlook for Mac OLM to Outlook PST Conversion

The following steps need to be performed in the given sequence only to get the successful OLM to PST conversion.

  1. Setting IMAP Server Account via Gmail

    To set an IMAP account in your Gmail application, follow these steps.

    1. Login to your Gmail account with user name and password. Go to Settings and navigate to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
    2. Go to IMAP Access option and select Enable IMAP as the option.
    3. The new IMAP account is created.
  2. Configuring IMAP Account with Outlook for Mac

    After creating the IMAP account in Gmail (enabling IMAP in Gmail Settings), you need to add this account to Outlook for Mac. Use these steps.

    1. Launch your Outlook for Mac application and then navigate to Tools>Accounts.
    2. The Accounts window will get open. Here, click on E-mail Account option.
    3. Next, add the same Gmail account user name and password as the credentials. Click on Add Account option to add it.
      Note: Add IMAP Server as account, choose SSL connection option, SMTP server and 465 port number as details.
    4. IMAP mail account will get added and can be viewed at the Mail tab.
  3. Creating Label in Gmail Account

    Once the IMAP account is configured with the Outlook for Mac email client, you can perform the next task which is creating the label. Let us know the steps to perform it.

    1. Open your Gmail account again and go to Settings. Here, go to Labels tab and click on Create new label option under Labels.
    2. Now, add a name to the label and click on Create.
    3. The new label is created. Verify that the checkbox Show in IMAP is selected.
    4. Now, go to the Outlook for Mac email client and click on Send/Receive option for the IMAP mailbox to update it.
  4. Moving OLM Emails to IMAP Server Mailbox

    This stage includes moving desired OLM emails to IMAP mailbox on Outlook for Mac application. Carry out the following steps in order to achieve this.

    1. Select the desired mailbox folder items through OLM mailbox, right click and then select Move>Copy to Folder.
    2. Provide the name of desired IMAP folder and then click on Copy option. Do that again for multiple files transfer.
    3. Click Send/Receive to update the transfer.
    4. Now, all the OLM emails are transferred to the IMAP Server account mailbox folders.
  5. Configuring IMAP Account in Windows Outlook

    The final task is to configure this IMAP account with OLM emails on the Microsoft Outlook. Follow below-given steps.

    1. Go to Control Panel>Mail>Email Accounts>New.
    2. In the Account page, select Manually configure server settings option and click on Next.
    3. Select the option IMAP/POP Settings and click on Next.
    4. Provide the account credentials, server details and click on More Settings option.
    5. On the Advanced tab, add details like 993 as port number for IMAP server settings and 465 as port number for SMTP server settings. Choose SSL connection everywhere and save settings. Finally, click on Finish option.
    6. Now, move OLM emails from configured IMAP folder to your PST mailbox Inbox folder by dragging or copy-paste actions.

As, you have seen the process is multi-staged and thus time-consuming along with good chances for manual errors during the whole process. Also, only few OLM emails can be transferred at a time using this complex method. For large data transfer, more time and efforts are needed. As the process is indirect, there can be loop-holes on any stage which could affect the next stage. Need of different environments ((Windows and Mac) along with the installed email clients at the same time is another hurdle for users. Though, the method is feasible but includes many obstacles before users as mentioned above.

Hence, it is advisable to consider an alternative for the safe side. OLM to PST Converter tool is an outstanding tool for smooth OLM to PST conversion in minutes. The conversion process completes in 5-6 simple steps along with the flexibility to move data. No complex server settings are required in this automated conversion. It even includes filter options for customized conversion process with compatibility to all Outlook versions. So, perform both methods yourself and select your choice of conversion method wisely.

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OLM to PST conversion is performed to access Outlook for Mac emails in Microsoft Outlook email client and the only free solution involves a lengthy process with IMAP server settings. The method is explained in detail in this article along with a mention of the best automated solution towards the end.