6 Ways to Fix Windows Live Mail Not Working Issue

Windows Live Mail is one of the most reliable means of communication and exchanging information. It is often pre-installed in any Windows Operating System. However, the software is no longer compatible

with the latest devices. As a result, the users tend to experience many issues in the functioning of the application. Windows Live Mail is not working most of the time for many users. It comes up with different Windows Live Mail errors that Microsoft support cannot even take up.

Let us explore the common errors that Windows Live Mail encounters and the ways to fix these errors. Following these steps will help to provide a seamless experience to the users. These issues are not only limited to Windows Live Mail, but MS Outlook also sometimes reports such issues. The details of the common errors and the solutions are given in the following way:

Reasons for Windows Live Mail Not Working Error

Different reasons are responsible for the malfunctioning of Windows Live Mail. Here are the common reasons which tend to hinder the performance many times.

  • The failure of the Live Mail to connect with the Server.
  • The failure of the graphic card to synchronise with the Windows Operating System.
  • The failure of the Windows Live Mail to auto-update itself.

Many times, one or more reasons are responsible for this error. Let us understand the methods to help fix these issues easily and hassle-free.

Error 3219 (0x8DE00005)
When the Windows Live Mail cannot connect with MS Outlook or servers, this Error 3219 prompts up. This error shows that the Windows Live Mail cannot synchronise with the secured HTTPS link connected to the Server. This failure to synchronise with the servers occurs due to sudden updates. Servers often receive regular updates from the backend, and as soon as these servers auto-update themselves, they cannot connect with the Windows Live Mail.

However, it is not impossible to fix this error. The best way to solve this error is to re-configure the email servers with Windows Live Mail. Here are the steps you need to take note of to re-configure the servers.

  • Open Windows Live Mail and go to Accounts.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon with @ sign.
  • Fill in the credentials with the correct username and password.
  • Check the checkbox ‘Manually Configure Server Settings.’
  • Select the server types under the Incoming Server Information.
  • In the server address, type the server address and the port number.
  • Tick the ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’ section.
  • Type the server address under the Ongoing Server Information section and the port number in the type field.
  • Tick ‘Requires a secure connection SSL’ and ‘Requires Authentication’, then click Next.

Error 0x8007007A While Sending Emails
Windows Live Mail Error 0x8007007A is a common error in Windows Live Mail. It depicts the failure of the application to send the emails. It becomes impossible to send any media attachments from OneDrive. This error can annoy users by preventing receiving emails in Windows Live Mail. This can hinder a lot of work over some time. Therefore, it becomes essential to know how to fix this error. Let us go through the steps for the same:

  • Delete the messages and send them again.
  • Remove and re-configure your Windows Live Mail.
  • Send the images/pictures as attached files.
  • Uncheck ‘Create photo email from photo attachments.’

Authentication Error 0x800CCC0B
Windows Live Mail requires separate authentication for outgoing emails. But if the email service provider fails to authenticate, it usually prompts Error 0x800CCC0B. However, it is very easy to fix this error. All you need to do is to enable the authentication. Let us go through the following steps:

  • Open Windows Live Mail and click on the Accounts tab.
  • Select the email account on which you receive the authentication error, then click on properties.
  • This will display the properties of the email account. Click on the Server tab, then check the checkbox ‘My server requires authentication’ under the Outgoing Mail Server section and click OK.
  • Click on the Settings. The Outgoing email server properties section will appear on the screen.
  • Check the ‘Log on using’ option and provide the account name and password for outgoing mail. Click on OK.

This will fix this error.

Error 0x8000E Failure of connection to the Server
This error makes it impossible to receive and send emails. It usually happens when the connection of the email server is broken down. There are different causes behind this error. Each of the causes has a separate solution to try. Here is a detailed explanation.

  • Incorrect Date and Time Settings
    Setting your computer’s date and time right will solve this problem.
  • Improper registration of DLL Security certificates
    To properly register a DLL security certificate, open Command Prompt and type register.
  • Incorrect entries in the host file
    Adding incorrect entries like the wrong server address to the host file may hinder the email communication of the WLM. The solution to fix this error is as follows:
  1. Open the run box and type %windir%\system32\drivers\etc
  2. Go to the folder consisting of the host file.
  3. Delete the older email server data.
  4. Add the new host file.
  5. Save it
  6. Sign in to WLM.

Error 0x800ccc0f Windows Live Mail
This error prompts if the firewall has been blocked or the antivirus fails to defend the system. It affects the security of the system. Follow the given steps to fix this issue.

  • Press Windows+R and then type appwiz. Cpl.
  • Find out the Windows Live Mail in the Program.
  • Right-click on the Windows Live Mail and choose the Uninstall option.
  • Click on the Repair option and wait for the process to complete.
  • Reboot the system to avoid issues.

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With this, one has multiple solutions to rely on. These solutions are very easy to execute. When the manual methods are not working, the users can rely on the professional automated tool to switch to MS Outlook for accessing the Live Mail data.

FAQs Related to Windows Live Mail Not Working Issue

What is the version of MS Outlook with which this tool is compatible?
It is compatible with every version of MS Outlook.

Is Microsoft Support available for Windows Live Mail?
No, this support ended in 2016.

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