4 Windows Live Mail Common Errors and Their Quick Solutions

Windows Live Mail is a freeware email desktop client from Microsoft that was available till 2016 and was replaced with the newer Windows Mail since then. Although it can work on both Windows 8 and 10. Many users are still using Windows 7 where Windows Live Mail continues to work irrespective of the fact that Microsoft no longer provides any sustainable support or updates. When an issue arises, then the user should be able to rectify them manually and access the data without any interruption.

So, let’s begin our quest in recognizing some common errors related to Windows Live Mail and their best-suited solutions.

  • Windows 10 error for Windows Live Mail.

    As we have written that Windows Live Mail can be operated on Windows 10 ever after its end-of-support, many users have complained that the application shows error while trying to access their account. As you do not want to migrate the data to the new Windows Mail or Office 365, so you need to use a different workaround.

    1. Try to Open the WLM as the Administrator in the compatibility mode.
    2. Set your older WLM account again with the credentials.
    3. Delete the older account and set up the new one freshly.
    4. Install the Windows Essentials 2012 again in Windows 10.
  • Authentication Error 0x800CCC0B in Windows Live Mail.

    In the email clients, when you have sign-in with the legal credentials, then you do not need to further authenticate your account to send the email. But, WLM has the additional security layer where it shows the error 0x800CCC0B whenever the user tries to send an email.
    The error emphasizes the need to authenticate your account to the email service provider. You can set up the manual authentication for the individual accounts or can turn on the steps with the assistance of the below steps;

    1. Go to the Accounts tab in the Windows Live Mail.
    2. Choose the account which is getting the authentication error and go to its Properties.
    3. After opening the Properties wizard of the account, go to the Server tab and then use the checkbox to click the ‘My server requires authentication’ under the Outgoing Mail Server section.

    Now the authentication will be enabled for both the incoming and outgoing emails for the chosen account. By default, the email service providers only require the email address and password for the completion of successful email communication. But, if there are other settings for the sign-in, then you can set them also.

    1. Click the Settings button.
    2. On the Outgoing email server page, click ‘Log on using’ and input the required details.
  • Email sending error 0x8007007A in Windows Live Mail.

    When the application fails to send an email to the other user, then you will have to face the specific error. Microsoft has found out that this specific error comes when the user attempts to share the OneDrive media as the attachment of an email. Although the OneDrive data is sharable online independently, whenever the same file is attached in the email, then WLM gives the error.

    1. Delete the existing message that is showing the error. Resend the email message with the attachment with a faster internet connection.
    2. Remove your WLM account.
    3. Set up the same WLM account and try to send the images as the email attachment.
    4. Uncheck the option ‘Create a photo email from photo attachments.’
  • Error 0x800CCC0E when the connection to the server has failed.

    Many users who had updated their Windows 7 platform. They got the issue that they can no longer send or receive the emails. But, they got the error that the connection to the server has failed. Microsoft has provided multiple reasons and their possible solutions to the issues;

    1. Date/Time settings are incorrect.

      Update the Date/Time settings of your computer depending on your computer.

      In Windows 10, right-click to the clock and click Adjust date/time, then change the settings.

    2. DLL security certificates may be improperly registered.

      The DLL required by the Windows Live Mail may not be registered in the operating system and may be properly registered using a command prompt.

      Open a Command prompt and write the regsvr command to register the DLL.

    3. A firewall may be stopping the Windows Live Mail from sending or receiving the mails.

      The computer has the Firewall to stop the illegitimate apps from running, but the latest updates may stop the Windows Live Mail from running. So, you should change the firewall settings with the WLM supporting features.

    4. There are incorrect entries in the host file.

      The incorrect server address may be added to the host’s file and thus stop the WLM from the email communication.
      Type %windir%\system32\drivers\etc in the run and go to the folder containing the host file. Delete the older email server data and add the host file new. Then save it and sign it to the Windows Live Mail.


Due to the lack of security updates to the Windows Live Mail, there could be a great number of errors that you will have to handle. You should migrate to either Outlook or Office 365 with the new features more suitable for doing email communication safely and more smartly. To quickly migrate EML files of Windows Live Mail to PST file, user can download Windows Live Mail to PST tool.

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