4 Ways to Fix Outlook for Mac 2011 Error Code 17199

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular and trusted cloud-based email service providers. Initially launched for Microsoft users it gradually took over the web with

its amazing features such as calendar entries, emails, notes, contacts, and being able to access from anywhere with help of the internet. It was not available for Mac users earlier but because of the demand and since Outlook for Mac 2011, this situation was updated to make communications and work easier. Although Outlook has been a phenomenon in the world of the web, it is prone to errors and similar is the case with Outlook for Mac 2011. The corruption in OLM files that stores that data for Outlook for mac can lead to errors.

Reasons that lead to Outlook for Mac Error Code 17199

Error code 17199 is a common Outlook for Mac error that occurs in Outlook for Mac. It will stop the user from being able to send a message from Outlook 2011. There may be different reasons for this error to occur but the main reason behind it is the corruption of OLM files. A corrupted OLM file will disable the sending of a message from Outlook for Mac 2011. Here are some common reasons for OLM file corruption:

  • Virus or Malware attack on the OLM files directly.
  • Crash down of the Microsoft Exchange Server of Outlook.
  • Incorrect installation of Outlook in the system.
  • Oversized OLM files.
  • Import of OLM file to Windows without change of format.

Best ways to fix Outlook for Mac 2011 Error Code 17199

Fix 1: Re-enter the username and password

The error 17199 will prompt you to re-enter the username and password. 

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your system.
  2. On the menu bar click on the Tools button and select the Accounts option from the drop-down.
  3. In the appeared window select the desired email account from the left panel.
  4. Type the correct email address and password.
  5. Make sure the outgoing and incoming servers are correct.
  6. Restart your software to reboot.

Fix 2: Check Internet connectivity on your system

Outlook requires an Internet connection for functioning and if the connectivity is not good or the internet is off then there might occur error 17199. Therefore, it is important to check the internet connectivity on your system and make sure it is connected before sending the email.

Fix 3: Clean out your Outlook Folder

  1. Open the application and select the Outbox folder.
  2. lect all the emails and delete them.

This will clean up your entire Outlook outbox and remove any corrupted or harmful files that would’ve caused this error.

Fix 4: Use Microsoft Database Utility

Microsoft Database Utility is a built-in tool that helps in rebuilding Office database, and creating and setting new identities. It is a very useful tool that has also been used in fixing this error by repairing OLM files.

  1. Navigate to this location first- /Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/.Now access the Microsoft Database Utility.
  2. This tool will start scanning corrupted OLM files and other related malware in the location as soon as you start it.
  3. After finding them it self-repairs them without needing to give any command.
  4. After this process, restart your computer system and check for the error once again.
Using third-party tool to Fix Outlook for Mac 2011 Error Code 17199

Since corrupted OLM files are the main reason behind this error to occur, it is best to use a third-party repair tool such as OLM to PST converter. This will save you a lot of time and there is no need to try all the manual solutions before using it. Therefore, we encourage users to use third-party tools.

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Wrapping up

The error code 17199 is a common error code for Outlook 2011 users of the Mac system. It occurs when the OLM file is corrupted and disables the user to send any message. All the free methods used to fix Outlook for Mac 2011 Error Code 17199 are mentioned above and are quite reliable but we also recommend the use of third-party best OLM to PST Converter tools to our users as an easier and time-saving method. 

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