Free 5 Methods to Repair Corrupted OLM Files

Similar to the PST files in Windows, OLM files store all the data contained in Outlook for Mac. Although it is not accessible in Outlook for Windows it has similar work

and features on Mac. However, Outlook has been a safe email client but there have been instances of OLM files getting corrupted and making it difficult for the users. There may be many reasons behind the OLM file getting corrupted. In this blog, we will see the easy free methods that the user will be able to use to solve the issue. 

Common reasons for OLM to get corrupted

This is a common issue in Outlook applications with a lot of common issues. Here are the most common issues for which OLM files can get corrupted.

  • Virus or malware attack is a common reason for files to get corrupted.
  • Sudden crash of the Mac system due to power failure.
  • Sudden crash of the Outlook application.
  • Unsuccessful installation of Outlook application.
  • Sometimes due to importing PST files to Outlook for Mac, there may get errors that can corrupt the OLM files.

How to repair corrupted OLM files if it is corrupted?

We have learned about OLM files and the reasons behind their corruption of OLM files. Now let us learn about the information that tells us that the OLM file is corrupted.

  • The frequent crashing of Mac Outlook without warning.
  • If you can access the Outlook mailbox.
  • No response or slow response from Outlook for Mac.
  • Unable to access data files on your system.
  • Frequent auto restart for Mac Outlook.
  • Different errors pop up on the screen for Outlook.

Common error messages to know if OLM is corrupted

  • Error: Cannot find [PATH]\OLM.DLL
  • Error code:17199 An unknown error code has occurred in Outlook
  • Error: OLM.DLL has not been found

Free methods to repair corrupted OLM files

Method 1: Update Outlook for Mac to the latest version

There is a possibility that you may be using an older version of Mac Outlook and sometimes that can corrupt OLM files. You may be able to check and update Outlook from within the application. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open Outlook on your Mac.
  2. Go to the Settings button and look for new updates. If there are any updates available then you can download and install them.
  3. After installation restarts your Mac once before using Outlook.

Method 2: Repair using Microsoft Database Utility

Although Microsoft Database Utility is for Windows Microsoft has allowed Mac users to repair the OLM files through Microsoft Database Utility. The best part is it automatically performs the search to find OLM file and repairs the errors.

  1. Go to the location :/Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/ and look for this utility.
  2. As soon as you start the utility it will start scanning for errors.
  3. After it has completed the search it will repair the errors if any are found.
  4. You must restart the system once after this process.

Method 3: Check and remove duplicate files

  1. Open the application and try to create a new account. If the account is created there are no duplicates.
  2. If there occurs an error then you can remove the duplicate files by going to the Inbox and contact list and selecting the folder.
  3. Now go to Home and click on the Cleanup option. Then select the desired option from the given and remove the duplicate files.

Method 4: Change sync services preferences for OLM

If there is any issue in the OLM synchronization then there can be errors that can corrupt OLM files. In such cases, you need to change the sync services preferences settings. Here are the steps:

  1. In the Outlook application, go to the menu bar and click on the Preferences option.
  2. You will find the Other option, click on it.
  3. Select sync services and unmark all the boxes.
  4. Close the application. This should solve the synchronization error.

Method 5: Internet connectivity

Outlook needs good internet connectivity to be able to open OLM file and work on it. Therefore, it is the most basic and essential thing to check. If the OLM file is not accessible then there might be a case that your internet connectivity is broken.

Using third-party tool: Repair OLM File

If none of the above manual methods work, you can look for a third-party tool OLM to PST Converter on the web that offers to repair OLM files free. It will take less time and save energy for you along with other benefits of using a third-party tool.

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Wrapping it up

In this blog we have covered reasons behind the OLM files getting corrupted, we have learned common errors that occur when the OLM gets corrupted, and we have discussed multiple free methods to convert OLM to PST file using which you can repair corrupted OLM files issue. We also encourage you to use third-party best OLM to PST tools that are available for free to repair your OLM files if none of the manual methods work.

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