Methods to Convert EML to MSG Files

Outlook allows user to send and receive emails, manage Calendar, Contacts, and track tasks. Outlook works with PST file which is stored at default location. It also supports saving emails in MSG file format. MSG is similar to EML in the case that both file formats store one email message per file which including attachments.

Overview on EML and MSG File

EML file is a standard format used by many email clients. You can open EML files in any text editor. MSG file is another file format used by Microsoft to store individual email messages, tasks, meetings, appointments, contacts, etc. and data which is outside of Outlook. MSG file format is compatible with all Outlook versions.

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Need to convert EML file into MSG format

Users often need to convert EML to MSG format, and there could be various reasons behind it, some are as follows –

  • When EML file is used into Outlook folder, a new message is created where the file is added as an attachment. When you use an MSG file into Outlook, a normal copy of the MSG message is created in the folder.
  • EML files take more space than MSG files, which can create a problem while archiving the files to the cloud storage.
  • Outlook doesn’t work properly with EML files and MSG files are easy to open and use with MS Outlook.
  • You can quickly search through various message fields in Windows Explorer, drag and drop MSG email message files directly into Outlook folders and you can open very large messages.
  • Emails in MSG format may contain additional Outlook fields. Some of these fields can be displayed in Windows Explorer columns and can be searched for their contents.
  • Outlook works very poorly with large EML messages. EML file takes a long time to open in Outlook and sometime gives an error. Large-sized MSG messages do not show that type of problem.

Methods to Convert EML to MSG files

There are three methods in which you can save EML files to MSG file format. However, there are automated online and offline tools also available that can help you convert EML to MSG format quickly without installing Outlook or Outlook Express.

  1. Manual method using Outlook
    1. First of all, drag your EML file to Outlook.
    2. EML file will be saved in the draft.
    3. Now move it to the Inbox folder by right clicking on the file, then click on Move to Inbox.
    4. After that go to File, then select the Save As option in the drop down list.
    5. Then browse for the location where you want to save the Outlook file.
    6. Now, save file as .msg extension.
    7. Go to the location and check for your file.

    Apart from EML file to MSG format conversion you can do it vice-versa, you can also convert your Outlook data files into various other file formats like; PDF and VCF without putting in manual efforts from your end by using a third party utility, Outlook File Converter. So, the files can become easily accessible without EML to MSG converter tool dependency.

  2. Using Outlook Import Wizard
    1. First of all, start the Outlook Import Wizard utility.
    2. Type in the full path to source folder where .eml files are located or click on the Browse button and point to the source directory.
    3. Then, click on the Next option.
    4. The software will scan selected directory and all sub folders. Find all .eml, .msg files and display them in the file list were you can deselect some items.
    5. Now, click on the Next button.
    6. At this step you can configure some options and filters if you have need.
    7. Then, click on the Next option.
    8. Now, click on Convert EML and MSG files to option to enable it.
      Click on Convert EML and MSG files to option to enable it
    9. The information message will available on the screen.
    10. This option enables the conversion mode.
    11. Make sure that do not enable this option if you want to import emails. Press Ok to close it.
    12. Choose the file format to which you want to convert the source emails and press the Start button.

    Outlook Import Wizard will convert selected .eml files and save it as .msg files with the same name. Each Outlook .msg file will be saved to the same directory where source .eml file located. You can open the source folder and copy .msg files to another location using standard Microsoft Windows functions.

  3. Using EML to MSG online convertor – There are many online converter tools available online, but every user wants best, secure and fast convertor tool which is not time consuming as well. In this online convertor tool you may also convert other formats for Outlook. To convert EML to MSG file online, go through the following steps –
    1. First of all go through following link –
    2. You will see Drop or upload your file in the top of website.
    3. Click inside the file drop area to upload EML file or drag & drop them.
    4. Click on Save as menu and select the MSG option.
    5. After that click on the Convert button. Your messages will be uploaded and converted to MSG format.
    6. Now download link of MSG file will be available instantly after conversion. Download your MSG file from the link.
    7. You can also send a link to the results to your email address.

    By this online conversion tool, users get security issues. Uploaded files are kept in secure storage servers and protected from any unauthorized access. For security reasons all uploaded files are automatically deleted in 24 hours. You can upload files of sizes up to 250 Mb for conversion. There are also other file format convertors available for EML to MSG format conversion.

If you are not willing to follow restricted online converter method or want to convert EML files to MSG files directly without Outlook application, you can choose the best third-party tool known as EML to PST Converter tool for easy file conversion.

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Converting EML to MSG is a basic necessity for most Outlook users; they need quick access to their data. There are manual methods to achieve the task. An alternative solution such as a third-party file converter tool that can effectively convert EML files to MSG without limitations is also available. Go through some top best EML to PST Converter softwares.

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