Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server! Native Fixed

Synchronization of an account to the client application works efficiently when the data updated regularly as soon as it is processed. But due to some bad settings or connectivity issue, the result is somewhat else – the synchronization error. (other common Outlook for Mac errors and their solutions)

Outlook for Mac is a Mac environment email client which allows configuring the Exchange Server account within it. The Exchange data can be accessed in the email client application and the data is updated with the synchronization processes. But unfortunately sometimes users have to experience an unwanted situation where their Outlook for Mac not syncing with Exchange Server. This is certainly a bad scenario.

One cannot confirm the exact cause behind it without troubleshooting. It can be via bad Internet connectivity, incorrect LAN settings, incorrect Encryption settings, failed Server connectivity, Files corruption, Cache corruption, or more. The best option here is to troubleshoot each aspect and work accordingly. Please refer the next section for this.

Native Fixes for Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange Server.

We have got a list of the manual solutions which users can follow and perform to resolve the synchronization problem between Outlook for Mac application and the Exchange Server.

  • Checking Outlook for Mac Internet Mode
  • Checking Exchange Server Connectivity
  • Clearing Outlook for Mac Cache Files
  • Re-building Outlook for Mac Database File
  • Restarting Sync Services Agent
  • Reindexing Outlook for Mac application
  • Utilizing Inbuilt Microsoft Database Utility

Checking Outlook for Mac Internet Mode

Sometimes users forget to undo the Work Offline mode for its Outlook for Mac application and this could be the silly reason behind the synchronization problem between Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange. You can check whether Work Online mode is opted by launching the Outlook for Mac application and going to Outlook>>Work Offline. If this Work Offline option is selected, there is a check mark against it. You need to click on this option to unselect it and make the application work in online mode.

Checking Exchange Server Connectivity

A proper and correct Exchange Server account configuration with the Mac Outlook application is necessary to continue the synchronization process. Users can confirm for it like this.

  1. On your Outlook for Mac application, move to Tools>>Accounts.
  2. Now, search for your configured Exchange account. If there is an orange indicator against it, then ensure that there is some configuration issue.
  3. It is advised to disconnect and then reconfigure this Exchange Server account to the Outlook for Mac application.
  4. To do this, users can confirm about the Exchange Server account status on the Outlook for the Web and further connect it depending on its fine status.

Clearing Outlook for Mac Cache Files

Cache files remain incomplete or get corrupted owing to the factors like abrupt shutdown of application, power supply interruptions, virus intrusions, etc. The corruption in these files may affect the processes like synchronization in a bad manner. It is better to delete these Cache files from that Exchange folder which is not synchronizing currently.

  1. Confirm the connection between the Exchange Server and the Outlook for Mac.
  2. Go to the Exchange folder (not synchronizing), right-click on it and then select Properties option.
  3. On the Properties dialogue box, click on Empty Cache option on the General tab.
  4. All the Cache files will be cleared.

Re-building Outlook for Mac File

This is a troubleshooting procedure where Outlook for Mac users can re-build its database file. Let us know it briefly.

  1. Exit from the Outlook for Mac and its related applications.
  2. Go to the system C drive and copy the Identities folder or Outlook for Mac to a different destination from there.
  3. Now launch the in-built Microsoft Database Utility application (press Alt key and the Outlook application icon together).
  4. Now in the opened utility, select the Identity for rebuild and then click on Rebuild.
  5. The rebuilding of the selected identity file will get start and complete shortly.

Restarting Sync Services Agent

It is another troubleshooting solution when Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange. Follow these steps.

  1. Close the Outlook for Mac application.
  2. Navigate to Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor.
  3. Move to the Process Name section and click on Sync Services Agent.
  4. Select the process and click on Quit option.
  5. Now close the Activity Monitor and the start the Outlook for Mac application again to check the synchronization process.

Reindexing Outlook for Mac Application

To configure Mac Outlook with Exchange effectively, follow this procedure.

  1. Close all the running applications.
  2. Hold the option in the launcher and click on Outlook icon, the Outlook Index tool will get opened.
  3. Select the database and click on the Reindex option.
  4. Once the Reindex process is completed, launch the terminal and click on the following commands one after another.
    sudo mdutil -E /
    sudo mdutil -i on /

Utilizing In-built Microsoft Database Utility

The Microsoft in-built utility (Microsoft Database Utility) can be used to fix the minor bugs and repair minor level corrupted OLM files with the Scan option. Users can find this tool at the location –

Applications/ Microsoft Office 2011/ Office

Or launch it using the method explained it the previous native fix.

The scanning and repair process will get started as soon as you click on Scan. Wait for its completion.

The next step after performing each of the above explained native fixes would be checking if the synchronization between Exchange Server and Outlook for Mac is active now and if Exchange emails are being updated in the client application.

For some reasons such as business requirements, compliances etc., users tend to migrate to the Windows environment from their current Mac environment. To continue using the current Outlook for Mac data in the Windows supported email client, Microsoft Outlook in the migrated environment, users shall need to import Mac OLM Emails to Outlook.

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Wrapping Up

Outlook for Mac Not Syncing with Exchange issue can be resolved after troubleshooting some basic aspects and then resolving it with the related solutions. This blog included all the possible causes with perfect solutions for it.

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