Affiliate Disclosure

As per the standard regulations, it is our duty to disclose our relationships with the merchants, products and associated links displayed on our website. You need to know that we work as an affiliate only and are not the original merchants or sellers or owners of the products on is not a seller, stocker or supplier of the recovery products but work as an Affiliate Marketer that gets compensation based on the selling of the products based on its website marketing.

When any user make an online purchase of the Data Repair products through our respective Affiliate Links which could be advertising links, offer links, etc. redirecting to stores, then we as an Affiliate would get a share of profit earned by the merchants or owners of the products.

Am I being fooled by price by purchasing through affiliate links?

We would like to answer this common query of the product buyers which might have aroused from the above disclosure by stating that there is no difference in the price of the products whether you purchase it through our Affiliate Links or directly from the merchants. The price remains the same! Affiliates are meant to earn only a share or the profit earned by the merchants as mentioned before.

Affiliate Links – Why one use it? is using the Affiliate Links on the website for the users directing them to the partnered online stores so that it can generate a revenue for maintaining the website and also assisting in site improvement with more useful product information and educational content about it for the users.

We regard it as our concern to not confuse our users with the available content, information and all type of links (including Affiliate Links) and clear out the objective behind it anytime.

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