Free OLM Viewer Software

OLM Viewer tool specially designed for users to view Outlook for Mac OLM file data in Windows environment even without Outlook for Mac application.

The free software works to scan the added OLM file data and makes all its mailbox entities available for the wide and clear preview. The interface is simple and easy to understand which makes it a desirable tool of all time.

Key Features of OLM Viewer Software

Scan and Retrieve Full OLM Content

The OLM Viewer tool is compatible with all types of OLM files and performs advance scanning of the added files and retrieves full mailbox content shortly in the original structure. You would find every mailbox content be it emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals and more.

Automatic Search of OLM Files

It is extra facility provided by the free tool which performs automated searching of OLM files. It incorporates a Find feature which scans for OLM files in a specific system drive decided by user and lists it for the user to make a selection.

Selective Content Preview

The software preview the selected mailbox folder item like when you select individual email, contact, task, etc. on the left pane in the structured mailbox hierarchy, the complete content preview is visible on the right wider pane.

Works without Email Clients/Servers

It is not necessary to have installed Outlook for Mac application or the Microsoft Outlook application on your system to work with this tool. The adding, scanning or previewing of the OLM file data via this tool is independent of any email client or server installation.

Display Detailed and Original Content

The preview feature allows to view any selected file item in a wide spread area with full content visibility. There is no modification in the originality of the content and every single email properties and content structure is just maintained.

Save File Information in Various Formats

Once previewed the desired OLM data, the user have option to save the general details (not content) of the OLM file content to file formats such as HTML, MSG, RTF, PDF, etc.

Wide Range of Compatibility

As mentioned the tool supports all kind of OLM files which also means generated from any Outlook for Mac version and after conversion to PST file, supports every Outlook version including 2016 and 2019. Last but not the least, it works on the latest Windows OS versions – 10, 8, 2007 and older too.

Comparison of OLM Viewer tool and OLM to PST Converter tool

OLM Viewer software is meant to access, open and read the displayed OLM files content when urgent or simple information is required whereas the OLM to PST Converter tool, as the name suggests, converts selected OLM files data to PST format and makes it available to access in other platforms like Outlook, Office 365, etc.

Difference between Free OLM Viewer tool and OLM to PST Converter tool
  • Allows to Open and View Outlook for Mac file data
  • Scan, open, preview and save OLM mailbox content to Outlook PST and more destinations
  • Stores OLM file selective content information in HTML, PDF, MSG, RTF, etc. formats.
  • Moves selective OLM file content with information to PST & other file formats and also to Office 365
  • Fully compatible with all Outlook for Mac, Outlook and Windows OS versions
  • Shows same compatibility, i.e. supports every Outlook for Mac, Windows and Outlook versions
  • No charges applied
  • Charges are applied

To download Free MAC OLM Viewer Tool, you can follow the below resources:

I want to know if there is any expiry date of this tool after the free download?

The tool will be always be available for you after a single download from its website. You can open and preview the OLM data forever with this tool which means there is no expiry date as such. If you want to save the content also, then you need to purchase the OLM to PST Converter tool online.

Are my OLM files fully compatible to the tool installed in the Windows environment as mentioned above?

Yes, it is true. Any kind of OLM files are readily accepted by the tool installed in the Windows environment for the complete scan and preview process.

If I want to view the contacts details from my old OLM files, does this OLM Viewer tool help?

Yes, of course. The tool is capable to retrieve and display every mailbox item including contacts apart from emails, tasks, notes etc. You can properly view all the content available on a clear screen for your contacts.

Please tell me any limitations of this exclusive free viewer tool.

The only limitation which we can tell is it does not save OLM file content to desired file format or destination, rather only previews the data.

Can I trust this tool to view very large sized OLM files for preview in the reliable time?

The tool supports all kinds of OLMs of any size and shows same performance for all. Though the scanning time depends on the file size, but the process remains smooth and have quality results.

Comments (4)

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Wilbart says...
Amazing teamwork with great spirit and well-managed services. I’m completely satisfied with the service I received.
21st November 2020 1:05pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Jessika says...
The task of checking OLM emails in Windows system made so easy by this tool, thanks to the developer of this tool.
2nd October 2020 4:53pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Janet says...
Just viewed some OLM files data. Feel lucky to know about this tool. Every function or feature is smartly put on. Great work!
24th October 2019 10:29pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Bert Acosta says...
Never thought I could see the OLM file emails in the Windows system so easily. The simple process of conversion is quite impressive. Congratulations to the complete team behind it.
15th October 2019 11:37pm

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