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SQL Database Toolkit composes three SQL Database recovery software that smoothly recovers the severely corrupt database file from SQL Server. It fixes the damaged database, resets its password, and saves it on a live server. It identifies the problem by scanning the file, removing corruption, protecting databases, and showing you its preview.

  • Works on every SQL database components.
  • Leaves no SQL database chunk in the corrupt SQL Server.
  • Recovers deleted emails and related content in a single click.

Key Features of Stellar SQL Toolkit

Automatic SQL Server version Detection
Automatic SQL Server version Detection

The SQL recovery tool guarantees full and secure recovery with the automatic detection of the SQL Server version. It helps the tool in creating the original structure of data and maintain the relationship between the tables. After the recovery, you can use the database instantly after saving it.

Preview of the recovered database
Preview of the recovered database

After the quick scanning and recovery of the database, the software will show the folder hierarchy in a tree structure in the left-hand pane. As soon as you select an item, then it will show entire tables, constraints, views, indexes, keys, etc. The preview feature will work in the backup extract software also.

Recover entire database objects
Recover entire database objects

The deep scanning done by the efficient algorithm recovers complete table, views, triggers, functions, and default constraints. It will also recover other properties like primary keys, foreign keys, identity, unique keys, indexes, data types, default values, rules, and other objects.

Reset the SQL Database Password
Reset the SQL Database Password

The password recovery software is one of the components of the toolkit that recovers the forgotten password from password-protected database files. It can reset the password from all the available SQL Server versions in a single click. It supports SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and previous versions.

Selective Search & Restoration
Selective Search & Restoration

SQL Toolkit is capable to make specific search and restore ‘Table’ and related items along with the objects. The selective recovery empowers the user to choose the object from the list to save it in the destined location.

Multiple Backup Support
Multiple Backup Support

To fix the data recovery issues, Stellar SQL Toolkit makes use of the sophisticated algorithms to support data extraction from all types of backups like full, partial and differential. The backup files are selected either from the known location or from the disk and copied to the destined folder.

Recovers deleted Data
Recovers deleted Data

Data deletion done either through unauthorized user or got accidentally deleted may cost dearer to the organization. The deleted SQL data can be recovered precisely with SQL Toolkit without tampering the originality of the database.

Powerful tool to Interconvert SQL Server
Powerful tool to Interconvert SQL Server

SQL Toolkit offers to interconverts Microsoft SQL .mdf, MySQL, Access .mdb & .accdb, SQLite .db & .sqlite, and SQL Anywhere .db files in effective manner.

One Stand Solution
One Stand Solution

Stellar SQL Toolkit is one stand solution that rejuvenates the SQL database affected by Clustered Index, Leaf Level Corruption or Consistency corruption. Irrespective of the SQL Server version the SQL Toolkit perfectly works and delivers qualitative results.

Benefits of SQL Toolkit

  • Minimizes Database Downtime
  • Supports Parallel Processing
  • Recovers SA or Other User Passwords
  • Forensic Tool to Analyze SQL Logs
  • Supports Interconversion of Databases

Software Walkthrough

Software Specifications

Stellar SQL Toolkit specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:

About Product
Single system
System Requirement
Intel compatible (x86, x64)
16 GB minimum (32 GB recommended)
Hard Disk:
250 MB for installation
Operating System:
Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003
Whats new:

Stellar SQL Toolkit is one of the best option to repair and recover corrupt database files

  • No File Size Limitations
  • Simple and Intuitive GUI
  • Option to Search for Specific Items

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need MS SQL server to restore the backup?

To make the nodal centre of SQL database backup, it is necessary to have access to MS SQL server. It is recommended to start all Server services of SQL prior initiating the backup process.

Is it necessary to have SQL server to view the recovered SQL database?

No. Stellar SQL Toolkit is capable enough to give you preview of the recovered SQL database without affecting the data and the related components.

What is the estimated time taken y the toolkit to fix the issue?

To fix the SQL server database issue, the estimated time taken may vary. The time variation depends upon the connection speed, database volume and complexity of the data silos.

Why to use license version of the Toolkit?

The trial version of the toolkit has limited features and does not allow saving the recovered data. To access the powerful features of the toolkit it is always recommended to have the licensed version of the toolkit. In case of any query the support team can be contacted.

Should I run the DBDC CHECKDB command before scanning the database?

You can run the CHECKDB command, but it does not guarantee any full recovery. You should use the software to scan and repair all the tables.

What is the maximum size of the database that the software can recover?

The software can recover the maximum size allowed by SQL Server for the database.

Does Live SQL Server is required to recover the database?

The software scans the database file from its location. So, it does not require a Live SQL Server to repair the file. Although, while saving the database, there should be a live SQL account.

How can I recognize the backup file for the SQL database?

The file extension for the backup file is BAK. So, you can easily recognize it by checking its full name.

What is the limitation of the trial version of the toolkit?

The trial version scans the database and shows its preview. To save the recovered items, you should purchase the full version.

Data Recovery Toolkit: Feature Edition

Stellar SQL Toolkit
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Common features
Intallation and Usage Single System
License Validity Lifetime
Free Technical Support yes
Key features
Recovers SQL database in all mean yes
Supports all database versions yes
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What Clients are Saying


SQL Toolkit is an exemplary toolkit that revives the lost SQL database. I witnessed to performance of the toolkit and recommended the same to my colleagues.

rating5Johnson Alter

How good to see the recovered SQL database, especially when the hope is lost. With Stellar SQL Toolkit, I am immensely grateful to the team who has one the task perfectly.


Impressive SQL database management utility to manage all SQL things, very useful for all administrators.

rating5Andre Williums
Stellar SQL Toolkit

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