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During the registration process we ask for your name, e-mail address, first name and last name. Also, you are required to set a password for the account that is created in the above process. This password has no bearing on the password set by you for any other account, on any other website.

We keep a record of e-mail correspondence which you might send us. Filerecoveryutility may also make a note of your IP address when you submit information. This is to keep track of any problems or concerns you have had with our products or services and for enhanced security of your account.

The details collected about you is strictly confidential and hence will not be shared with anyone else. No third party can gain access to your account or your info through us. The details so collected is protected (and encrypted) using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

You concede and concur that Filerecoveryutility may occasionally send you administrative communication regarding your account or the Service via email. Having said that, please understand – and hence exercise caution – that under no circumstances do we ask for your password over email or any other medium.


The site may use a cookie to store some details about your navigation on this site only. These cookies are used for classifying user sessions and do not accumulate any individual information regarding the user.

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This site may contain links to other web sites. We are not accountable for the confidentiality policies or the content on such web sites.


This site has taken prudent security measures to safeguard your information and to protect it from unauthorized access.

Statistical Data

Our servers and website track IP addresses and other statistical facts to help site maintenance and improve navigation for a better user experience. This data is analyzed to diagnose and fix errors strategic marketing and to bring better products for the user. This information is not used for any other purpose.

Correction or Removal

If you wish to correct, update or remove any information pertaining to you that might exist in our records, please contact us with the details of your request on contact@datarepairtools.com

Privacy Complaints

If you have seek more details about privacy, or have questions on Data Repair Tools, we request you to contact us on contact@datarepairtools.com


If you have any queries you can contact contact@datarepairtools.com

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