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Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a complete solution designed to recover the affected files due to unanimous or aggravated deletions from different hard disks. The sole purpose of recovery of such deleted file is restoration of parent file without affecting the file properties and hierarchy.

  • Initiates RAW recovery to gain access to the concerned Mac files.
  • Smooth recovery from unmounted OS X volumes
  • Perfectly supports recovery of encrypted hard-disks.
  • Recovers deleted data from iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, Air, and Mac Pro
  • Fixes Time Machine Backup Drive irrespective of corruption level.
  • Runs Optical Media Recovery to fix inaccessible areas of the drive without data manipulation.

Stellar MAC Data Recovery: Key Features

Restores Deleted Drive Volumes
Restores Deleted Drive Volumes

Stellar Mac Data Recovery software is designed to fix / mend / recover the corrupt / deleted / scrapped Mac files from the disk / partition / or form the specified location without altering the content and parent file properties. It is perfectly applicable to ExFAT, HFS, NTFS and HFS+FAT disk formats.

Recovery of inflicted Boot Camp Partition
Recovery of inflicted Boot Camp Partition

The Boot Camp partition that allows the Mac user to work in Windows environment gets corrupt with time and offers inaccessibility of the files. To make the Boot Camp partition working, it is professionally recommended to take assistance from external aide like Stellar Mac data recovery.

Recovery of Time Machine Backup
Recovery of Time Machine Backup

To in-house the critical data, the Mac systems are provided with Time Machine Back-up. In some case, if the back-up fails to respond, then it is suggested to get them repair with effective external agency like Stellar Mac Data Recovery tool without delaying.

Rescues Encrypted Disk without Transformation
Rescues Encrypted Disk without Transformation

To maintain professional secrets sometimes the accessible drives are secured by effective encryption that safeguards the requisites. However, due to corruption, the safeguarded files are no more accessible and needs immediate third-party inaction to fix them.

Advanced Scan for Swift Recovery
Advanced Scan for Swift Recovery

To redeem the deleted volumes of the disk partition, the 'Advanced Scan' feature can be used. The advanced scan is more effective than Quick scan as it takes much time and provides more reliable results than latter. Just pick the location to be improved and get the results in shot time than expected.

Recovers Media Files
Recovers Media Files

Accidental deletion/intentional deletions and manifestation of errors often make the media files either inaccessible or permanently corrupt. It also includes freezing of audio, video, jpeg, png and other image files. To fix them just try the evaluation version of Stellar Mac Data Recovery and enjoy your past moments.

RAW Recovery
RAW Recovery

To repair and recover the severely damaged Mac files, user can make use of RAW recovery. The RAW recovery works on the principle of File Signature Matching. This feature can precisely identify over 122 various types of Mac files and can provide accessibility to the user.

Reboot your Mac Device
Reboot your Mac Device

If you are getting any issue with the system scheduled boot-up, then definitely you are in need of Stellar Mac data recovery tool. Just install the software with start up DVD and fix the boot-up issue in your Mac.

Versatile Software to fix External Drives
Versatile Software to fix External Drives

The external hard drives of NTFS or other file systems are sincerely recovered with this software. To use it just plug-in the external hard drive in your system and start fixing the affected files along with the dedicated partition, if needed.

Tips & Tricks for Stellar MAC Data Recovery

  • Supports M1, M2 & T2 chip-enabled Macs
  • Performs recovery from USB faults, partition loss, & unrecognized drive
  • Recovery from macOS Ventura 13 and Lower versions
  • Recovers data from formatted APFS/HFS+ Partition
  • Comprehensive Mac data recovery

Software Walkthroug

Software Specifications

Stellar MAC Data Recovery software specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:

About Product
Professional, Premium, & Technician
English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Español, 日本語
System Requirement
Intel-compatible (x86, x64)
4 GB minimum (8 GB recommended)
Hard Disk:
250 MB for installation files
Operating System:
macOS Ventura 13, Monterey 12, Big Sur 11, Catalina 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12 & 10.11
Whats new:

Stellar MAC Data Recovery software has so many excellent features in latest updates

  • It can Save & Load Scan Results
  • It has multiple language supported GUI
  • Sophisticated and Advanced scanning modes
  • Supports recovery from crashed or non-booting Mac

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the tool useful to repair damaged Mac hard disk?

Yes, the tool is designed to fix the Mac hard disk affected due to technical snags. The repair is done in such a way that no change in file properties takes place.

I got some Windows supported file accidently deleted. Is it possible to recover it?

With Stellar Mac Data Recovery tool such error can be easily dealt as the tool provides a feature of ‘Boot Camp Partition recovery’. Just perform it and see the desired outcome.

What versions of Mac are supported by the tool?

To fix the utility errors related to Mac system, the recovery tool fits the best. It supports all versions of Mac utilities be it tablet, PC or laptop. To evaluate the true performance of the software just try its trial version.

How RAW recovery is useful for the user?

RAW Recovery is based on the principle of File Signature Matching where it identifies 122 different types of Mac files to gain the access in the desired Mac file.

Can Mac Data Recovery tool be used by the novice user?

With user-friendly GUI the user of any level can use it without any sort of technical training. Moreover, advanced features like SMART and ‘Minimum RAM Usage’ keeps you update on the RAM status of the system so that recovery can be enhanced to give pace to the process.

Can the tool retain the ‘Trash’ items?

Repairing the ‘Trash’ items is just the quick away feature of the tool. Moreover, Stellar Mac data recovery tool is devised to recover even permanently deleted items with the help of advanced inbuilt algorithm.

The USB drive got formatted with NTFS file system? How can it be resolved?

The USB formatting error with NTFS file system cannot be performed with any recovery tool. For perfect recovery of such port, it is recommended to take assistance from external software on professional advice.

SysTools MAC Data Recovery: Compare Editions

MAC Data Recovery
Instant Delivery By Email
Technician License $139.99  $89.99  Offer till This Week - Save $50 Buy Now Data Recovery Toolkit $449  $299  Offer till This Week - Save $150 Buy Now
Common features
Intallation and Usage Single system Multiple system
Free product updates 1 Year Lifetime
Free Technical Support yes yes
Key features
Recover Lost, Deleted and Formatted Data yes yes
Recover Backup Files from Time Machine Hard Drive yes yes
Recover Deleted Files from Encrypted, Bad Sector Hard Drive yes yes
Recover Files from BootCamp Partition yes yes
Windows Data Recovery
Data Recovery from Windows file system yes
Linux Data Recovery
Supports recovery from Linex drive image yes
Supports all EXT2, EXT3 & EXT4 Linux file system yes
  $89.99Buy Now $299Buy Now

What Clients are Saying


We are immensely satisfied with the performance of the tool. It has perfectly recovered the Mac files that got corrupt due to some technical snags. The recovery was expected to be evaluated manually to check any leftovers. However, the Preview feature reduced that amount of hard work.

rating5Monica Belkicy Business Head

We would be happy if more futuristic features would have been added. However, it is the perfect tool for the Mac user. I must say that the Mac user must not go for other third-party tool as Stellar Mac Data Recovery tool is complete and, if defined in few words it is a one-stop solution.

rating5Ganeshan S Managing Director

I plainly recovered the affected Mac files and that too without undergoing any technical training. While working with the tool I never imagined that the results will be quite outstanding. It is an easy tool and can be tried to evaluate the true performance of the tool.

rating5Angelica Wiggins Project Head
Stellar MAC Data Recovery Software

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