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Free OST Viewer tool to access OST files without Exchange Server

In today's business world, round the clock availability is becoming more important. This requires one to access his emails at any time through any system. The problem occurs when the corresponding system does not contain the respective email client. In such cases we can use Free Email Viewer tool which opens the email directly without requiring the particular email client.

This is a perfect freeware OST viewer or reader which allows users to open OST files without making a connection with MS Exchange Server. It smartly programmed free email viewer utility to open OST file quickly and impeccably without installing MS Outlook. Some prominent features of free OST Viewer Tool are described below

No connection required with Exchange Server

OST Viewer Tool is designed in such a way that it does not require the connection to be established with Exchange Server for viewing any OST file. This utility is the only thing which is required to view OST file. Any kind of OST file can be viewed with this tool be it corrupted, password-protected or encrypted one.

Search for a particular OST file

'Select OST File' and 'Find OST File' options enable you to choose the particular file which is to be selected. You can find a particular file whose path you may have forgotten with 'Find OST File' option.

Scan all kinds of OST files

OST Viewer contains a powerful scan engine which scans the selected OST files and lists all the contained mails. Engine of the tool also scans the corrupted OST file and display its content.

Preview content after scanning OST file

OST Viewer tool enables you the preview of mail content after scanning the OST file. In the preview window, every minute detail of the mail like 'To', 'From', 'CC', 'BCC', 'Subject' etc are displayed. Calendar entry, Notes, Scheduler etc also appears in the same way as they would have been in MS Outlook.

Multi-format saving option

The tool supports multi format saving option. Once the OST files are scanned then in preview window by right clicking on any of the file you can save it in different other formats. You can save your scanned OST file in EML, MSG, RTF, HTML or PDF format with the help of OST Viewer.

File Analysis Report Generation

You can also generate a file analysis report with this OST Viewer. It contains details about emails, email flow density on the basis of sender/receiver, data, notes, contacts etc which could be used to analyze the file data.

Support and Compatibility

OST Viewer tool is developed in such a way to offer services to any kind of Exchange Server or Windows user as it supports almost all of them. Versions supported; MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, MS Exchange Server 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, operating system.

Comparison between any Free OST Viewer and third-party OST to PST Converter tool

Now as OST to PST Converter tool is readily available, it makes difficult to choose OST Viewer or OST to PST Converter tool to access your OST files. So here we are presenting a brief conversion among both.

Free OST Viewer Tool OST to PST Converter Tool
Only searches and filter specific OST files. Converts all OST files to PST without any size limitation.
Allows you to view your OST files. It saves your OST files into PST format.
It opens healthy as well as corrupted OST files. It saves individual folders as well as specific files.

Does the OST Viewer tool really helps in viewing those OST files whose locations we might have forgotten?

An absolute Yes as with 'Find OST file' you can typically search out for your particular OST files whose path or location may have been skipped from your mind. You can even choose a particular file with another feature of 'Select OST file'.

Can I find the detail of mail which I had received with this OST Viewer tool?

Yes with this OST Viewer tool you can really access anything about your mail which is stored as an OST file. You get to know each and every minute detail of your file like sender, receiver, subject, date and time of receiving and sending and lot many things.

What does the Preview feature of OST Viewer tool typically shows?

With Preview option you can really get a close look on all the files which are scanned by the tool. It also allows you to view your calendar entries, journals, contacts and notes etc exactly in the same way as they would have appeared in MS Outlook.

Is it really true that I can view my OST files without Outlook with this OST Viewer tool which is totally freeware?

Well this is really true. OST Viewer tool is a standalone application which does not require one to compulsorily install Outlook in order to view OST files. It allows one to view any kind of OST files be it corrupted and that too totally free without asking for a single penny.

Can I also perform repairing of corrupted OST files with this OST Viewer tool?

No. The tool is available to just view your corrupted OST files in case you don't have MS Outlook. But it does not allow one to repair and save those corrupted OST files.

In case you want to repair your damaged OST files then you need to select OST to PST Converter tool which is specifically designed for repairing OST files and convert them into PST format.

Comments (10)

Agnes Davis says...
There have been instances when connection to the Exchange Server is lost and you need to urgently access one of your OST file. Same happened to me which worried me a lot. I opted to use a professional tool for this task which was Exchange OST Viewer Tool and it became prudent choice of mine as the tool is amazing in accessing OST files and that too available without any cost. Hugely recommended.
29th January 2017 9:54pm
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Ross Rosales says...
I recommend Free OST Viewer Tool to everyone who are searching for any tool that can help them in accessing their OST files when there is no connection available with Exchange Server. Based on my usage, I found the tool professional enough to complete its task without requiring any kind of technical assistance. Happy to use the tool which saved my lot of time.
19th January 2017 10:21pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarEmpty Star
Becky Baker says...
It is one of its kind stand-alone applications which allow you to access your OST files without having MS Outlook installed on it. Based on recommendation from one of my friend, I used the tool which really has a very good user interface making it very easy in using. I was also successful in accessing my corrupted OST files with this free OST viewer tool.
11th December 2016 9:40pm
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Connor Schroeder says...
Due to job change I was forced to move to a new system and worries started when I was needed to access my older OST files from the new system as that was not preinstalled with MS Outlook. Then I got to know about OST Viewer Tool which is absolute free tool to access your OST files directly even without Outlook. The tool is available with a really simple user interface which makes it very simple in using.
2nd November 2016 11:18pm
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Yvonne Logan says...
Switching from one system to another has always been a reason of concern for me as further installing softwares on the new system is really time consuming. But worst happened when I was urgently required to access my OST files with the system. After prolonged search I found this amazing OST Viewer Tool which works as a stand-alone application and does not need installed MS Outlook.
15th October 2016 8:21pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Riley Mcgowan says...
Exchange OST Viewer Tool is absolutely a gem tool which had really helped me a lot as I used it quite often in order to access OST files. The tool is a kind of stand-alone application which does not require one to have MS Outlook preinstalled on his system. You can also access OST files even when you don’t have any connection with Exchange Server.
9th October 2016 1:50pm
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Scott says...
As an ardent user of Outlook, I often found problems in accessing my Outlook files without being connected to Exchange Server but all thanks to OST Viewer Tool it is no more a reason of concern for me. I use this tool now and then to access my OST files when I am not connected with Server. The tool allows access of any kind of OST file like corrupted, password-protected etc. Recommended to everyone.
29th September 2016 12:07am
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Royce Odom says...
I would like to share my experience of how I accessed my OST files even when I was not connected with Exchange Server. OST Viewer is the tool which helped me in this process by accessing OST files without connected to Exchange Server. Also I must convey that you can open any kind of OST file with this tool be it corrupted, password-protected, healthy or anything. A real gem!
26th September 2016 10:47pm
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Charles says...
Due to some technical problems, I was forced to switch to another system and it turned out to be a nightmare for me as I need to install Outlook to access my OST files. But after some research I found this amazing OST Viewer Tool which does not require MS Outlook to be installed on your system for accessing your files. The tool is available absolutely for free and works magnificently on your system.
24th September 2016 10:04am
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Barrett Hood says...
I feel delighted in recommending Free OST Viewer Tool to everyone who is in need of viewing his OST files when there is no established connection with Exchange Server. The tool is also smart enough to search for you particular OST file which you are not able to find. I used it out of curiosity and it turned out to be a must have software for me. Thank you DRT team for such a wonderful tool!
21st September 2016 10:54pm

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