Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine

Stellar VHD Recovery tool provides the simplified user interface along with its advanced recovery features that scan the image file and recover their complete items.

  • Recovers image files (VMDK, VDI, VHD) from all versions of virtual machines.
  • Offers a raw recovery feature to recover such items separately.
  • Recovers data from unrecognized volumes of various virtual image files.
  • Provides deeper recovery facilities for data deleted through bad formatting and structural corruption.
  • Retrieves all kinds of data from the virtual images like database, multimedia, documents, presentations, executable images, etc.

Key Features of Stellar Photo Recovery

Recovery from VMWare Virtual Machine
Recovery from VMWare Virtual Machine

The specialized virtual machine recovery tool enables you to recover all the deleted files from the VMDK file affected by severe corruption and deletion. The logical algorithm of the software will recover the lost data as well. We have designed the recovery tool for VMDK extension specially and it can recover all kinds of file types (Monolithic Sparse, Monolithic Flat, Two GB Max Extent Flat, Two GB Max Extent Sparse) too.

Recovery from Oracle Virtual Box
Recovery from Oracle Virtual Box

One of the most popular virtualization system is VirtualBox from Oracle. When the users lose their data due to rigorous usage of files or some corruptions, then the system crashes and shows various errors. All kinds of data will be recovered through VDI files from VirtualBox by supporting static and dynamic data types both.

Recovery from corrupt Microsoft Virtual PC
Recovery from corrupt Microsoft Virtual PC

If your business is reliant on Microsoft Virtual PC to store or run some additional processes, then our tool is the worthy candidate to recover lost items. It will run a straightforward data the disc image with VHD extension. It supports both fixed and dynamic files types too.

Multiple scanning modes for quick recovery
Multiple scanning modes for quick recovery

The Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine become capable in recovering data from deeply corrupted virtual files with its twin scanning modes. It shows Quick Scan and Deep Scan for getting better results in recovery. Although Deep Scan is slower in processing, but it assures a fine recovery also.

Specialized Virtual Machine data recovery
Specialized Virtual Machine data recovery

The benefit of using Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine is that it can restore all corrupt, lost, and deleted data from any virtual system running on Windows Operating System. It enables the recovery from all major programs like VMware Virtual Machine, Oracle VirtualBox, and Microsoft VirtualPC. All types of data files including Office files, database files, image files, audio files, video files, backup and archive files, and other items, can be recovered. The recovery process is simple and direct.

Direct from recovery corrupt disk or large-sized volumes
Direct from recovery corrupt disk or large-sized volumes

Data from virtual discs (volumes) that are unavailable on the virtual machine because of corruption can be recovered using Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine. The virtual recovery tool is also not dependent on the operating system used to build the virtual volume.

Recovers each item along with its properties
Recovers each item along with its properties

Each virtual item has its own properties like size, modified date, created date, creator, data type, etc. Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine will recover all the item with their original properties and structure.

Flexible saving options
Flexible saving options

Once the deleted data has been recovered, you can store it to any location on your local hard drive or FTP server. You can further compress the data to free up space on the target device. You have the option of independently compressing or zipping each file.

Shows preview after scanning
Shows preview after scanning

When the software has completed the scanning, it shows the preview of the recovered item in a separate pane. You can click on the folders and choose an item, the preview pane will show its clear and complete preview.

Benefits of Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine

  • Supports recovery of VMDK, VDI and VHD virtual image files
  • Raw recovery options available
  • Supports recovery due to formatting or corruption
  • Supports recovery VMware, Oracle & Microsoft files
  • 100% Safe & Secure to Use

Software Walkthrough

Software Specifications

Stellar Data Recovery for Virtual Machine specifications, users can follow before use of this software for ease of working:

About Product
System Requirement
Pentium Class
1 GB minimum
Hard Disk:
100 MB for installation
Operating System:
Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003
Whats new:

Stellar VHD Recovery is one of the best option to recover data and files of virutual machines.

  • Deep Scan for Better Result
  • Suitable Saving Options
  • Recovery from Corrupt Virtual Volumes or Disks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VHD Recovery software very much heavy?

The software is a perfect light weight one and you can get the support of the file anywhere.

How to get the software?

Stellar VHD File Recovery software is there in the start menu, and you can also create the shortcut and place it on the desktop.

How to install VHD recovery software?

The exe file is available in the site. You can download the software from the site and can install it on the C drive. You will get the option to install it elsewhere, but it is better to install it in the C drive, until your OS installed in other drives.

Can I install it in MAC OS?

The software is not supported for the MAC OS. You can install it on all the versions of windows.

What file format is supported?

It supports all the files including VMware Virtual files and the ORACLE VBox and FAT16, FAT32 and even NTFS format too.

What extended supports will I get from VHD Recovery tool?

You can get this tool as very much handy to support the *.vhd format. This is an additional support that you will get nowhere else.

Does the software supports recovery from deleted or formatted virtual machine?

Yes, It comes with the option of retrieving lost data which may have been deleted intentionally. It also recovers data from any of the virtual drive which may have been formatted.

Stellar VHD Recovery: Compare Editions

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Common features
Intallation and Usage Multiple System
License Validity One Year
Free Technical Support One Year
Key features
Repair corrupt VHD/VMDK/VDI files yes
Raw Recovery Option to Recover Data yes
Shows Estimated Time for Recovery yes

What Clients are Saying


I downloaded the software by not knowing it. I followed the help in the software user pane and found that it helped me a lot to recover all the data from the system. I have got the support from the software in the best possible way and that helped me to format the server by recovering all the files with perfect ease.

rating5Cedric Grimes

I have got the perfect support from the software in terms of the NETS file. It detected the partitions perfectly and that made the thing helped me a lot to protect the server. However I could not handle the FAT 32 file. The software is a light weight one and also a free tool.

rating5Bruno Dominguez

The very best. Nice work by the ool. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours! We can't understand how we've been living without Stellar VHD Recovery Tool.

rating5Rosy A
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