Free Exchange EDB Viewer

Free EDB Viewer, software designed to view the Exchange database (EDB) file data without any requirement of Exchange Server or any other application. At times of urgency, to get details from the EDB data, this software helps a lot. The whole content including emails, contacts, calendar, etc. from mailboxes inside the EDB file is available for the users to view and read.

  • Preview Exchange EDB file mailboxes
  • Scan both Priv.edb & Pub.edb file
  • Preview multiple EDB files simultaneously
  • Search EDB within drives or selected path

Free Exchange EDB Viewer: Key Features

Eaily view without Exchange & Outlook
Eaily view without Exchange & Outlook

This Free EDB Viewer is a standalone tool and does not require any application like Exchange Server or Outlook to work. It views the EDB file data on its own. No connections are required to set up, only the EDB file is required in the whole process to fetch the data.

Deep Search for EDB File
Deep Search for EDB File

Another important feature of Free EDB Viewer tool is the Find option integrated in the software user-interface to search for the particular EDB file. It involves the searching criteria on the basis of which user can find their EDB files if the exact location of the file is uncertain.

Supports All Kinds of EDB Files
Supports All Kinds of EDB Files

Users can view the emails, contacts, calendars, etc. content from all kinds of EDB files with this tool. The EDB file can be healthy, corrupted, encrypted, and password-protected, it is not an issue. It scans the EDB files in all conditions for the content display.

Wide and Clear Content Preview
Wide and Clear Content Preview

Following the scanning of the selected EDB file, all the mailboxes residing in it gets retrieved. The users can have a Preview for any selected mailbox folder items through a single selection and click. All the item content along with details like email metadata (From, To, Subject, etc.) are available for the users.

Analysis Reports Generation
Analysis Reports Generation

With File Analysis Report Generation feature, users can analyze their EDB file data on different criteria by generating reports for them. The analyzation of emails flow density is performed on the basis of Senders, Receivers, etc. and as per the frequency of the mail flow in that category, reports are generated and analyzed.

Comparison between Free EDB Viewer and EDB to PST Converter
Comparison between Free EDB Viewer and EDB to PST Converter

Free EDB Viewer allows viewing the content and saving to some file formats while EDB to PST Converter tool allows conversion to PST along with other formats. Following the current and future requirements, users can select either Free EDB Viewer tool or the third-party EDB to PST Converter tool.

Tips & Tricks for Free EDB Viewer

  • Quick & Advance, Dual file scanning modes
  • Multiple file view modes
  • Exports EDB to PDF with advance setting option
  • Multiple mail fitering options
  • Preview EDB items with attributes

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I require apart from this application to view my EDB file data?

Apart from Free EDB Viewer tool, you only require the EDB file from which you want to view the content or data. No extra application or conditions are required.

I hold a corrupted EDB file and want to get some details out of it. Can this tool help me in this?

Yes, for sure. The free tool is designed to fetch data from all kind of EDB files, whether healthy or corrupt. You can view all the content from your file using this tool. If you want to repair and save this file, then refer to Exchange Recovery Tool.

Does the tool supports all sized EDB file to view the content?

The software has no limitations over the file size to display the content. Without thinking about the file size, you can depend on this tool for the full clear data display.

I forgot the path where I have saved my EDB file. Any Search feature integrated in the tool?

Free EDB Viewer has a Find file feature installed which searches for the EDB files on the basis of specific Search criteria and make it available for the users.

Does the tool supports latest Exchange 2016 EDB file for preview?

Yes, the tool supports the Exchange Server 2016 EDB file to view the content. It supports almost all Outlook and Exchange versions and works well with them.

Free Exchange EDB Viewer: Compare Editions

Free EDB Viewer Tool
  • No Exchange Server installation required
  • Only view corrupt or healthy EDB file data
  • Saves EDB file data in file formats like PDF, MSG, RTF, HTML, etc.
  • Free utility
EDB to PST Converter
  • Exchange Server installation is required
  • View and repair corrupt or healthy EDB file data
  • Converts EDB file to PST formats along with supporting other file formats too.
  • Shareware software

Reviews of Free Exhchange EDB Viewer Tool

Comments (4)

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Emerson says...
I had specific issues with my EDB file, and I wanted to access its data, but there was nothing I could do. Then I get to know about this software that helped me open and view my EDB files data without Exchange.
21st November 2020 12:43pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Nate says...
The software Requires very less inputs and takes control of the data as soon as it starts scanning the Exchange EDB file.
2nd October 2020 4:45pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Robertson says...
Thanks to the developer of this EDB Viewer tool which helped person like me a lot for free.
15th October 2019 10:45pm
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star
Nerissa Parks says...
Outstanding performance, I am really impress with the efficiecy and working of this free EDB viewer tool.
8th September 2019 11:22pm

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